Friday, 29 May 2009

This and That.

Very lazy few days; being a bit out of sorts nothing in particular, just feeling worn out and headachy. Coincided with a few wet days too, so duvet days with dvds and playing with the easel mostly and when dry Rye played in the garden.

I was suppose to meet another mum planning to HE today but we've postphoned; bit annoying as the skies have cleared and it's beautiful sunshine now but I wouldn't be very good company so it's best. A potter day I think house has gone by the way the past few days.

Rye is coming along really well. He chatters away constantly, I don't always recognise what he's saying but it is becoming much clearer and yesterday I realised he was using "and" to connect words. He recognises numbers from 1-9, although he does have trouble pronouncing "seven", and recognises some letters. Colours are coming along nicely too; he now knows white, red, black, yellow, green, blue and purple. Seems to be having trouble with orange, says it either "red" or "yellow", I suspect it's because he finds the word difficult to say.
I was very suprised as I watched Rye drawing on the easel yesterday to realise that actually some of the numbers he was writing were actually right. Although for "2" it looks more like a "N" but he does that consistently and perhaps it has something to do with him being left handed? He can also write 9 and 6 really well and his 3 isn't bad, although it does look more like a w. He can do a few letters too, notably "A" without the cross bar and wrote "b" too, I thought it was fluke so II asked him to do it again a bit later and he did the same strokes.

It's astounding what kids pick up. I haven't specifically sat down and tried to teach Rye letters, numbers and colours. He became interested in letters because of the patterns for the alphabet in my crochet book and numbers he showed an interest in when reading books; he wanted to know what the page numbers were. I've taken advantage of this interest and pick up loads of books etc on numbers and letters and of course I'm really encouraging the early attempts of writing on the chalkboard.

Anyway must go, Rye tripped over the plethora of toys on the floor and is now bringing me the train track box; after I suggested we ought to tidy away some of the toys. :)

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