Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tooooooooooooooooooooo hot.

Past few days have been spent indoors mostly trying to stay cool. This heat is killing me and I also feel horribly guilty that we aren't out doing stuff when the weather is "lovely".. 'cept to me, it's not lovely, it's absolutely horrendous.

Me and Rye have spent a lot of time in my room because it feels the coolest room in the house - probably because I have the windows open upstairs pretty much constantly at the mo, where as downstairs everything has to be locked up at night.

I really want to take Rye to the beach but the heat is really putting me off, especially with Rye being scared of the sea. He loves to play in water but the waves scare him and he become quite hysterical if I try to coax him down there. Even in the sling he becomes distressed and clings to me saying "No mummy, no" I did manage to elict a brief smile and tentative giggle when I dipped his feet in the water and the immediately lifted him back out and ran out of the sea saying "ohh, run, run". Trouble is, the heat has gone through the roof this week; yesterday I made sandwiches for lunch and cut up some fruit - all of what ten minutes, I was drenched.

The heat also means Rye hadn't been sleeping. Monday night he didn't sleep at all, he eventually dropped off around 6am Tuesday morning for a few hours. I expected him to sleep most of the day - but no, he was his normal active self. So Tuesday night I accepted an invite to my local pub because it has a large garden and a climbing frame/slide. Rye had a lovely time running around and as the sun went down it was wonderfully cool. And yep - Rye slept well that night.

I feel a bit sorry for him, he must be fed up of being cooped up indoors but even he's not going out into the garden - every now and again he pops out, maybe for ten minutes then comes back indoors. There's even a breezy breeze down here which is helping slightly.. but still, when I walked out the back door earlier it was like been hit by a wall of heat.

We are going to Essex at the weekend to visit a friend; who blissfully, has a pool so I'm hoping Rye will enjoy the pool; although I think I'll take the little paddling pool I have too, V's pool is an above ground one with no shallow end so it's too deep for Rye to play in without support and I think he's probably too big for the swim seat I picked up last year for him. I do hope it cools down a bit soon.

I'm also not going to HESFES, I;m really disappointed but I just can't afford it. When I booked my place I had thought I'd be childminding and have had time to put a bit of money away - but that's not happened and I'm barely meeting all the bills as it is - to spend money on, what is essentially a luxury would be foolish. Paddock Wood isn't too far so maybe I'll pop over for a day during the week so it doesn't feel like I've completely wasted £60 odd quid buying a ticket. Mind, if this heat continues, I suppose my finances dictating like this to me, is a blessing in disguise - if it's this hot next weekend when HESFES starts, I would be miserable, sweaty and very uncomfortable indeed, and very self consicous.



willow81 said...

I hear you hon. We've also been sheltering indoors. Tilly has gone all European and is taking long midday naps, I've been tempted to join her but there's too much to be doing while she sleeps. We sat in the park under a tree yesterday but that was for all of half an hour. I'm not complaining though, I love the sun! xx

Liz said...

I'm with you, I hate this heat. I'm all for a bit of sunshine but this is a bit excessive, I find. I hate it and get all grumpy and so do the kids. No one's sleeping well but no-one's napped here for years, so no chance of craftily catching up on sleep. Let's hope it gets a bit cooler soon but woithout losing the sunshine.

Naomi said...

Oh I'm so with you on this. It's awful, I'm just not made for this weather! I'm looking forward to the rain we're forecast tomorrow... xxx

Moray said...

Another one in agreement here, why oh why do i have my babies in the summer, still more than 3 weeks to go and I don't think that I'll have the energy for labour due to lack of sleep. I'm extra irritable too and this is the irritable anyway waiting phase.
No harm in keeping the lo inside Joxy, the sun is probably too much for his skin anyway and my fella gets sunshine headaches when he's outside in the heat too.
Look out the window and enjoy it from there!

Joxy said...

Oh I do feel for you hon, I was pregnant with Rye during the summer and it was awful - especially as my work didn't have air conditioning at the time, I felt awful.

It's a bit cooler today thankfully but just changed the bedding and tidied my room up a bit and I'm all hot and bothered now..eek. Think I'm gonna have a bath I feel really grotty... mind not helped with having a horrible sinus headache - sigh.