Thursday, 27 August 2009

Busy, busy day!

A very satisfying day; but also incredibly busy.
The morning was reasonably leisurely, then come midday we went round to Q's for my first cup of coffee in about 10 days - bliss! I've been drinking black rooibus tea, which I enjoy but I have missed my coffee, however the milk ran out quickly and while I have dried skimmed milk I loathe it in coffee. (great for baking, yuck for hot drinks).

Then we took Q to Dover so she could to work, drove back dropped her DH's car off and we went down onto the highstreet. First to library to drop off some books. Then to the post office to post off the mei tai and a letter proving I moved out of the house in Maidstone in 2005 to get a Debt collecting agency off my back (the debt refers to 2008!). Then we caught the bus into town, and then walked to the council offices to fill out the council tax form. This has been ongoing for ages now, I received a bill back in May, I think, and immediately I called and asked why I was being asked to pay council tax when I'm on income support. They sent me a form to fill out, I never received it. They sent another, I filled it out and posted it back - they never received it.. thus a court summons letter. Called again, summons was stopped and they said they would send me another form out but this time would I bring it back to the office myself. Fine. That was back on 12th August, I think. Nothing. So, I trooped down with Rye and actually, it was great because the lady just used the details they already have for my housing benefit award and then gave me receipt proving the council have received it. Phew, so that is sorted.

Then down to my bank to pay in the last of the money I need to pay the rent, then walk further into town to Asda where I managed to get quite a bit for my £8! Pasta, dried milk, bread, potatoes (5kg!), squash, 2 bags of porriage oats, "oops" mini cheese rolls and "oops" scotch pancakes (Rye was hungry and they are handy as a quick snack to keep him going). Then bus back home, walk to Q's house, get the car keys and go and pick her up from work (with a quick pitstop to drop off my shopping.. very glad I didn't have to carry that bag of tatties home, rather heavy!)

After picking Q up Rye and me stayed for a bit, and bless Q she asked me to pop on some veggie burgers while she popped ot the corner shop for rolls.. and when she came back she'd bought chips too for us all :) Very nice indeed. Then eventually, it was time to leave, Rye, bless him, was starting to get that pale tired face with the slightly red rimmed eyes.

Busy, busy day. I am really quite shattered now.

But best of all.... about 20 minutes ago I transferred the rent payment to my landlady......phew! What a relief I don't have that to worry about anymore :)


Liz said...

Glad you're starting to sort your finances - any sign of any children to mind yet?

Joxy said...

Not yet, just check the kent childcare service website and mydetails don't seem to be on there yet. Think I'll give them a call in a little while and ask how long it will take as that is how most people find childcare.