Monday, 31 August 2009

Haws at the Park.

Rye came up to me earlier and said "Outside mummy, slides."  So, flipflops on me, crocs on Rye and we took the oh, so arduous walk of 30 seconds to the park.  He made an immediate beeline for the slide.
He is desperate to have a go on the monkey bars I've tried holding him but he panicks as soon as he feels uncertain.  It will come in time

I'm not a big fan of kiddy's playareas to be honest.  I love that they are provided and think it is important, I just wish they weren't these horribly metal monstrosties.  Much nicer if they were wood, although I accep the upkeep would be more, hence the metal.  Thing is though, bang your head on these and it really hurts.. at least wood is a bit softer.  Still, my reservations aside, the little 'un loves the slides and swings.

It is a useful large space for kids to run around, and, usefully, it has some Hawthorn bushes.  This is also where I picked up the branches for the season table.

The bushes yeilded some berries :)  Going to make those little red beauties into a syrup to go with pancakes later.  I've noticed some wild roses down an alleyway too in which there were loads of lovely red rosehips just waiting to be picked.  We'll have a wander this afternoon and pick some up :)  Have to see if the blackberry bush near Q's has any blackberries on it too.  I miss the countryside a lot, particularly my native moors, still I am pleasantly surprised at the bounty to be found, even in the subhurbs.

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