Monday, 31 August 2009

Haw Pancakes.

Pancakes with Haw Syrup.  Very nice indeed.  Although, I did make the syrup too thick so I tried to thin it by heating it in the microwave briefly... worked but as soon as it started to cool it began to crystalise - oops.  The pancakes are egg free too.  I replaced the egg with a tsp of arrowroot and, because I fancied trying something new, I chucked in about a tbsp of saesame seeds and a handful of porriage oats too.  Very tasty indeed.

Having to rely on my store cupboards is certainly stretching my ability to adapt receipes.  I would never have tried eggless pancakes and rather done without or gone out and bought eggs, and now having done so, I am very pleasantly suprised.  They aren't as fluffy as normal american pancakes - still very moreish though; and by the look of his face, Rye agrees with me:

I doubt I will ever fully embrace vegetarianism, never mind veganism, but being open to trying new receipes means a wider variety of meals and, I hope, this will be one little boy who will not grow into a big boy believing that a meal has to consist of meat and two veg.   He will understand that for him to eat meat an animal dies.  I hope he will also learn there are no right or wrong ways to eat, each individual must choose how to eat as their conscience demands. 

Voyages into making rosehip syrup will have to wait, I've run out of sugar - and actually, I'd like to do a bit of research and see if there are any other ways to make a syrup without using white caster sugar or sweetners.

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