Thursday, 20 August 2009

Rye's big adventure.

My son's dad picked him up today and has taken him to his home. A wee while later I received a phonecall from Rye's dad because he'd gone out into the back garden, I assume for a fag, and Rye had shut the conservatory door and locked it. Ooops.

My ex's garden is completely enclosed with no alley or anything, so he was trapped with Rye alone in the house. I suggested he call the fire service, which at first he refused to do because he didn't think they would do anything, and instead it was a locksmith he needed, but he complained he didn't have the money to pay for one to come out. I was not best pleased.

So, I called my local fire service for advise and they confirmed the fire service would break into the house, so I contacted my ex and told him so he's called the fireservice out. They came, got in and all is fine now.... thing is, they broke into the house through the roof! So my ex now has a large hole in his roof which he has to get fixed - and I suspect it will cost a hellva lot more than a call to a locksmith would have.

Rye's dad has now taken all the keys out of the doors. And Rye has taught his dad a valuable parenting lesson..... expected the unexpected with a toddler. (I was very good too and didn't quote back his favourite saying of "Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups", which is something he use to constantly say to me.)


Earthmummy xx said...

Hee hee! Nearly wet myself reading that ;)

arwen_tiw said...

Hahahahaha oh dear, yes I'll admit to a certain glee myself on reading that! Thankyou for the laugh. And thank your ex... No on second thoughts I suspect he doesn't see the funny side yet. ;)

Joxy said...

I got a little more detail out of him, and I think there's a bit more to the story than he's telling me, because I really don't understand how Rye managed to lock him out; the front door yes, easily, but the conservatory door is heavy to slide across, then you have to push down a lever until it clicks BEFORE you can turn the key to lock the door - I know Rye is big for his age, but he's not that big. Also, the garden is teeny tiny, how on earth was Rye able to do so much without my ex hearing and being able to jump forward and stop him????

As for the roof, turns out the firemen gave him an option, either they could remove the bottom pvc panel fo the front door, or go in through the roof - he reckons they told him it would be cheaper to get the roof fixed... I really don't see how a dirty big hole in the roof is cheaper to fix than one panel in a pvc door, so I'm thinking he maybe misheard?

I'm slightly suspicious he had his phone on him too.. he doesn't normally carry it on him (at least the 2yrs I was with him I'd never known him take it out into the garden)... oh, well, I'll never know.. and at the least he did give me a fantastic giggle.

Mind, when he dropped Rye off this evening, he made a comment abut next month maybe having him overnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hah!

lilac73 said...

Still funny, however it happened!