Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Beans on Toast

Can't wait to tuck in. I soaked, boiled and froze quite a lot of various pulses a few weeks back and today I decided tohave a go at making baked beans. I forgo the bacon that most receipes suggest, not because I don't have bacon, I do, thing is its in the freezer and I can't be bothered to defrost it.

Nor could I be bothered to follow a receipe so I made it up I went along:

bag of frozen haricot beans
tin of organic tomatoes
tsp of paprika (the hot sweet kind)
3 or 4 tbsp of marsala wine
half a tomatoe tin of water
1tbsp of brown sugar
few squirts of worcester sauce
few squirts of tabacasoc sauce
1 chopped and softened in olive oil onion.
Seasoning to taste.

Next time I'll use less sugar, its a tad too sweet and perhaps a cider vinegar would be nice to give a hint of tartness; still as a first attempt it's mighty tasty and I can't wait for the bread to cool a little so we can eat (and hopefully the little man will waken up soon - the heat seems to have knocked him out - ohhh we have stirrings....)

Rye's dad called too, I was wondering when he'd next call, he's asked to have Rye tomorrow. Works out great, I could do with some toddler free time to catch up on jobs that are a bit more difficult with a little one in toe.

Ohhh, and thanks to Morgan (and Sarah) for inspiring me to let Rye have a go at chopping. We had a grand time earlier, he cut up mushrooms (massacred) for me and together we made a lovely hotchpotch omlette for lunch: mushrooms, onions a few sliced new potatoes and lots and lots of fresh parsley from the garden - it was lush.

Right a little boy is definitely awake now, so baked beans here we come! (I don't think I'll toast the bread though, fresh bread with butter dipped in homemade baked bean juice..sounds a little bit of heaven to me.


sue said...

Oow, my mouths watering now :)

Arlenkern74 said...

mmmmmmm ... yummy x

Jax said...

ooh, sounds like a little bit of heaven to me too! Was it as good as it sounds?

Joxy said...

It was very tasty a tad too sweet, but still very yummy and Rye gobbled it all up, so it can't have been too shabby lol.

The bread was lovely too, I made a white sandwich loaf and added hempseeds and sesame seeds, really nice.