Thursday, 3 September 2009


Dragged my lazy ass out of bed this morning, got us both washed, dressed and fed and out the door by 9:30am to go to toddler group... only, it wasn't on.  Seems not all the kids are back in school this week, so I'm assuming it starts from next week.

On the upside the walk there and back, (2 miles in total) certainly took off the edge of Rye's bounciness.  I was suprised he didn't have a nap after lunch.  He did however fall asleep at 6pm on Sidney the Snail, so I woke him up and asked if he'd like to watch Tractor Tom.  He watched a little, it was obvious though he was struggling to keep his eyes open.  Took him up to bed without a murmur.

I've been playing with crocheting again too, after the mushroom and gnome, I decided to have a go at making a Gnome baby, loosely inspired by Waldorf dolls.  I'm really pleased with the results, popped him on GP to see if he sells.  So hard though to know what to charge though.  If no one wants to give him a new home he can stay, maybe a minded child will want to play with him (if I ever get a child to mind!)

 Which reminds me called the NCMA about being assigned a support childminder and the forms for the start up grant.  Turns out this happens once my details are on Kent County Council's children and families childcare site.  So called KCC to find out when my details will finally be online, apparently it could be up to 10 days because they are migrating to a new website.  :(  They do have all my details so any parents calling the service looking for childcare in this are will be passed my details - but at the moment they aren't showing on the website.  Blah.

Oh well, it will happen when it happens.  Hopefully though, I will get a child to mind this month it really is getting to make or break stage and I'm slowly and reluctantly wondering if I may need to look for a job and forget about childminding as I certainly can't keep on the way I've been I'm sick to death of being skint all the time.  I received my tax credits yesterday and after buying some food and paying bills that were due, it's all gone and I don't get any more money for nearly 2 weeks.



Jax said...

Is there any other way you could advertise? Leaflets in the library, (free) business cards from Vistaprint left places? Really hope it works out for you, you've put so much effort in.

Joxy said...

I thought I had a poster up in the local postoffice/pharmacy but when I walked past this morning I realised it wasn't up, so I went in to ask why. The pharmacist wouldn't put it up but wouldn't say why :(

I'll do various toddler groups and see if I can leave leaflets. I will be gutted if I have to go back to a desk job :( Not only that I choose the childminding as a way to support myself as a Home Educator. :( Something will turn up, just a bit fed up at the mo.

willow81 said...

I really hope something comes up for you soon hon, I'm not surprised you are fed up. Love the little gnome, he's cute. I was going to start some knitting tonight but I am just too exhausted now. Fingers crossed for you xx

Arlenkern74 said...

someone will come along i'm sure xx love your little gnome x

Earthmummy xx said...

If I could find a way of posting toby over the broadband you could mind him for a couple of hours ;)

Hope something comes up for you soon xx

Joxy said...

Thanks ladies :)

Aye something will come along and now school is back (mostly) and toddler groups are starting up I can do the rounds and see if I can drum up some business.

And in the meantime I'll just keep trying to sell a few bits and bats just to help a little.