Monday, 28 September 2009


Never comes, so the saying goes.  Wish that was true.

Tomorrow Rye will be staying with his dad and his dad's g/f for the first time overnight.
Scary stuff.

I'm sure Rye will be over the moon to see his dad again so soon and I'm sure he'll be fine about staying over - it's just the first time he's being away from me overnight.  In effect, he'll be gone 2 days because his dad is going to visit Rye's great grandparents - hence the request for an overnight stay.

What to do with myself?  Well, actually, I'll probably get on with some of the crafting I've got planned.  Anything to keep me occupied.

Ohhh, in other news, Rye seems to be waking up to go to the loo in the night.  He's done it for a few nights in a row now.  Couple of nights ago, I heard him get up and expected him to come into me.  But he went into the bathroom then back into his own room.  He had a nappy on though, bless him.  Later he got up again, but this time came into me asking me to take his nappy off, which I did, he then went for a pee and then clambered into bed with me.  I nearly took him back into his own room; but then decided to let him be - and risk not putting a new nappy on.  He stayed dry.

He woke again last night too, I think partly because he wanted to come into bed with me; but this time I did take him back to his own room and settled him down again.  Should have taken his nappy off to see if he needed a nappy - but I was only half awake lol.

I think in future, if he wakes I'll see if he's woken because he needs the loo - he often wakes for a wee when he's napping in the daytime - so who knows, we could be getting to the end of night time nappies too.  We'll see.


September said...

Good luck tomorrow, i hope you manage to have a good day and night and that Rye enjoys his time with his dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Goodluck from me too...and re becoming dry at night...well done Rye! and lol the things I do and don't do when woken in the middle of the night!! I make a plan for what Im going to do if...happens in the middle of the night...but never quite wake up enough to do anything about anything...Flower x

bettywobble said...

Good luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you :)

Elizabeth said...

A night away--I couldn't cope!! My heart goes out to you--though I hope he has a lovely visit!

Anonymous said...

Aw so difficult - am a single parent too and am not looking forward to the christmases spent apart of the time when my wee one wants to stay away from home but like you said could'nt stop her in all godd conscience.
Shortontime - Louise