Saturday, 17 October 2009


A miracle happened yesterday; it came upon me like a thief in the night and wham, I started to tidy my bedroom.  My bedroom that has looked like a dumping ground since moving in last November.  The bedroom I've dreamed about being a spiritual sanctuary, a place of relaxation, of blissful sleep, and finally I'm beginning to achieve it.

Boxes were emptied, possessions I cannot part with but have no where to put at the mo; were carefully repacked and slid under my bed - a bed that is now against the wall, behind the door.  I've toyed with moving the bed for a while; it frees up alot of floor space, hesitation abound because I've been planning on buying bookshelves, 'cept I never do, there's always something else needed instead.  I'm also beginning to toy with the idea of giving my uni books to charity or a secondhand book store.  I was at Uni in the 90's and, honestly, I've barely looked at the books since.  I've kept them because they are books, I love books, and it seems a betrayal to rid myself of something that gave me so much pleasure and thought.  Interests have moved on though and the books on British Politics, Russian History, American History etc are all woefully out of date now.  So, slowly, I am moving toward a place where I could possibly conceive of parting ways with these books.

Rearranging and sorting also gave space for an alter and my witchy books, notes and supplies; (no eye of newt here), just herbs and candles and the like.  I like having a focual point, it helps to concentrate my mind, and while nature is, of course, the ultimate sacred space it's not always practical for this urban living, single mama, pagan.  A sense of peace descended upon me last night as I lit the candles, set incense burning and offered a few silent prayers.  I couldn't spend long on devotions because of Rye, but nonetheless, it felt a little like a homecoming.  Rye, as young children are wont to be, is fascinated with the alter.  He tends to look, although little fingers can't resist lifting the lid on the incense box, to see what's inside, and he did attempt to blow the candles out a few times; so the flames danced for him and made him laugh.

Waking up to the feeling of space and tidiness was bliss, (even if Rye did wake me a few times during the night kicking and shoving at me - for a little person, he takes up a lot of bed space!), there's just one problem...  my bedroom is such a wondeful space now that I don't want to leave. 

Still, the sun is shining.


Anonymous said...

It's suprising how much better you feel and sleep when your bedroom is lovely! Enjoy!

Jacqui said...

I love the sense of chi flwing after a good clearing out. Sweet dreams.

Stephanie said...

Mmm, that organized feeling is one of my very favorites!! :)
Here's to CLEAN!