Thursday, 15 October 2009


This afternoon we enjoyed  spot of crafting.  I de-labelled a couple of empty jars,  set up the table, sat down with Rye, and showed him how to rip up the crepe paper.  Then I showed him how to stick the paper onto the jars.  I confess I found it a tad stressful because Rye just wanted to prod, poke and stick on and pull off the paper, whereas I had this need for the glass to be covered evenly.  I managed to curtail my control freakishness a little, although clearly not enough for Rye as he got up and sat on the floor  and played with his cars at one point.  (Jack O Lantern's project from the lovely Stephanie's blog)

He joined me again for the tree though.  I quickly drew a rough tree shape, cut it out, and then tumbled the foam leaves out onto the table.  (The foam leaves my season swap partners sent me), now this was much more to Rye's liking - and in all I'm pretty pleased with the results:


We'll finish off the lanterns tomorrow once the glaze is dry.  All they need now is "scary" pumpkin faces either glued on wth black paper (if I have any) or painted on with black paint and then all ready for the season table with a couple of tea lights in them - can't wait to see how they turn out.
Which reminds me - must find my long candle lighter - it seems to have disappeared.


Arlenkern74 said...

the tree looks lovely, so nice to see rye enjoying his foam shapes x

Stephanie said...

Hey I recognize that project!! :)
HOpe I have time to make more today!

Joxy said...

Mmm, I thought I'd linked to your yep I got the idea from you :)

anyway I create a link now - sorry hon.

Stephanie said...

Joxy-- Oh, I didnt mean that at all! What I meant was mine looked just like it! :)
You did link to it in the previous post!
Thanks for that!!