Thursday, 15 October 2009

Toddler Group.

Rye really enjoyed Toddler Group this morning.  It was nice to sit and chat to my ex childminder too - feels like an age since I've spoken, face to face, with another adult lol.  He is of course still in his pumpkin costume.  He did relucantly take it off for bed last night.  It was the first thing he asked for though when he woke up.

After toddler group we strolled back along the high street, popped into a few charity shops and picked up a couple of books for Rye, a leaf spinnner (bargain for a quid!... um, it's one of those spinning things that dries salad leaves etc after washing them), a nice t'shirt for Rye, and the perfect sized stretched canvas for a painting I've been commissioned to do.  I was going to stretch paper myself and do it on watercolour paper (as it's thicker and gives a nice texture to finished works), but I confess to preferring working on canvas, plus I think it looks more professional.

I also popped in my local post office and discovered they sold crepe paper and glitter!  Woohooo!  So I bought that, some more pvc glue and a large painting brush for Rye.  So later, we'll make some jack o lanterns for the season table, and maybe, if I can get hold of some wire, a couple to hang from the porch on Samhain.  I've unashamedly nicked the idea from here  - aren't they beautiful, and so easy for little fingers as it's just sticking crepe paper over the gass.

I declined the after school pick up job, the reward wasn't worth the hassle and as I've now discovered other HEing families in the area and a group that is travealble, I'm even  more keen to avoid school runs if possible.  In fact I'm meeting a couple of local families at Kid Planet on the 20th at 11am.  Really looking forward to it and I know Rye will love it.  Then on the 27th October at 10:30 I'm taking Rye down to the Costal Park for the Fishing and Eating for a Healthy Sea event and it looks like quite a few HEing families are coming to that too, we're meeting at the ampitheatre.  Hope the weather is ok.

Feeling much more optimistic on all fronts.

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