Saturday, 28 November 2009

Bears, Reindeers and Owls.

We missed the procession unfortunately; a friend is in the middle of a major crisis and another friend was updating me, so a little late leaving the house.  Not to worry, we still saw plenty - although sadly no Santa - I think there's a grotto somewhere, but I have no idea where, and to be honest, it's cold, windy and very busy in town so my patience was never going to last very long.

Dancers from Cinderella Panto.  Rye grinned and kept pointing, so I think he enjoyed the dancing and singing.

There as a guy in a bear suit in the crowd going up and hugging kids.  I had to keep well away, Rye went hysterical whenever he saw him.  I did consider taking him up and asking the guy in the suite to talk, but I decided it wasn't worth the distress it would cause Rye.

I wasn't sure if Rye would let us go near the Reindeer, what with his animal phobia at the moment.  Reindeer, it seems aren't on the list to be scared off.  He was fascinated.  I do hope they don't keep those reindeer there too long though, while they seemed happy enough, the pen is tiny and there is 3 reindeer in it.

Supposedly kiddies sit in the sleigh so parents can take a photo - I decided not to bother, Rye and I were keeping each other nice and snug.  (He was in the ringsling)  I had hoped Santa would be here too but he wasn't.

Leading down to the Creative Quarter, lamp posts each sporting a Yule trea and decorated with paper baubels etc coloured in by school children and laminated.  Some looked very pretty, others were very bare.

Good game of Jump!

Then to my delight I discovered the owl sanctuary people were out again, showing off their beautiful Eagle, tawny, snowy and barn owls.  T'would seem owls are not in the category of "to be afraid of", either.  I would have let Rye stroke one, except he'd just eaten a very sticky doughnut and had icing all over his fingers.  He was content to watch though and tell me, "Ohhhh, owl mameee," :-)

Later on this evening Folkestone switch on their christmas lights, apparently there will be fireworks etc. I had planned to stay out with him till then, even packed lunch, but it was cold and there wasn't quite as much street entertainment as I expected.  The fairground rides didn't look suitable for a 3yr old... and did I mention it was cold?  Not super cold, but cold enough that hanging around for a few hours wasn't attractive. 
I may venture back out this evening, we'll see.  I confess my main reluctance is the buses round here are so jerky, and by the end of the journey I feel very queasy indeed.


arwen_tiw said...

Oooh looks like a fab day out anyhow!

Arlenkern74 said...

looks like you had a great time xx

September said...

That looks brilliant, Hannah is especially fond of Reindeer and Owls and has loved looking at your pictures today :-)