Sunday, 29 November 2009


Rye kept saying this last night.  At first I thought he was hungry and spent ages trying to figure out what sort of food "fafts" is... then it dawned on me he was saying "crafts".  Bless him.

So this morning has been devoted to crafty gloriousness:

Today seemed a good day to change to a wintry season table

I thought a nice mixed media piece of artwork would go nice on the wall, so we stamped, glued, stuck, painted and crayoned...


Stamping was so much fun, Rye wanted to do some more
According to Rye, the holly stamp is actually a "dwagon".

Then I tried to remember how to cut snowflakes lol
And Rye decorated them.

Then I left Rye to just play with the paints and some paper. 
He loves to explore the texture with his fingers and hands and it does just end up a big dirty brown splodge.
He enjoys doing this though, and after spending quite a long time following directions I think it is important to let him just splodge and splatter.
I really want to get him some nice paintbrushes, ones that are easier for lefties to hold.
I have a few kiddy paintbrushes but they are appalling quality and the bristles fall out constantly - and while I'm not interested in spending a fortune on brushes that Rye will scrub, stamp and splodge with, I would like something a bit more robust than we've got.

I rather miss the autumn table, all those lovely orangey hues gave a sensation of warmth, the cooler hues of silvers and blues bring a shiver around the shoulders and a desire to cuddle up with blankets and hot water bottles!  BRRRR

Ohhh and dumplins and stew :-)

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arwen_tiw said...

Mmm stew... Lovely fafts today mama!