Friday, 6 November 2009

Catch up - Folkestone Eating and Healthy Seas Event - HE Group.

27th October 2009.

Excellent day.  I nearly didn't go because once again I was feeling rotten and running a temperature of nearly 39 degrees.  But as I'd suggested this as an event for the HE group I kinda felt like I had to go.  Rather fortitiously too, I'd forgotten about the clocks going back on Sunday, so there I was thinking I'd be late, only in the end to be about half hour early!

Kent Wildlife put on a really good event.  The rock pooling was great.  Rye was fascinated by a couple of medium sized crabs that were found.  We found lots of hermit crabs and a tiny little fish.  Rye had a fabulous time playing with his new friend, G. 

View from the Leas
The zigzag path down to the Coasta Park

The lifesize blow up marine animals at the ampitheatre


Rye with his new friend G :-)  G was great with him and Rye followed him everywhere and wanted to hold his hand and hug him constantly.

At the costal park, following G onto the slides.

Walking to the busstop after saying goodbye to everyone


A truly wonderful day, just a pity I felt so ill.  I sweated buckets and looked absolutely awful - still Rye had a fabulous time, made new friends and I did too.  M has organised for us to go to Evolving Earth, which is part of the Folkestone Book Festival - its really aimed at Key STage 2 kids, but apparently the organisers were really excited at the idea of home educators attending, and while Rye is a little young, we're gonna go too, and afterwards, weather permitting, we'll go back down to the coastal park so the kids can play.

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