Sunday, 8 November 2009

Easy Beanie Hat

Another Yule gift completed, I shan't say for who, just in case :-)
The yarn is from a small bag of similar hues I bought from a charity shop - really pleased how well it worked out using two yarns at the same time.

I borrowed a book called Easy Crochet - Hats by Margaret Hubert, from the library and some of the patterns are awful, but the odd one is nice :-)

Rye has taken a liking to the hat though, so I'm crocheting him one, inbetween crocheting the dress for the GP mama (I have to do it at a very tight tension so it's slow going and a little frustrating lol), although the one for him is stocking cap type hat in 100% wool - feels wonderful to work with and so warm.  When I've finished I'll see if there's another to make him a  pair of slippers - the laminate in this house is rather chilly on the feet - especially as I generally don't have the heating on.



Jax said...

it's amazing how many dire crochet patterns there are out there isn't it? Hat looks good, do like charity shop yarn :)

Joxy said...

Oh yeah... one of the patterns is called Lion's Mane Hood - and it's basically a bonnet using a fluffy yarn... the model is very pretty, but even she can't pull this hat off!

Tempted to make it though for a friend as a joke.