Friday, 13 November 2009

HE Group

Woke up to a very blustery, wet morning.  Thankfully, the HE group had arranged to meet at Kids Planet at 11am.  So once we were up, washed, dressed and breakfasted, we donned our waterproof coats and set out.

Naturally, there was much jumping in leaves and splashing in puddles

I love the stocking cap - he looks so adorable in it :-)
Kids Planet was rather busy when we first arrived, by lunchtime it was virtually empty again, and we mums enjoyed drinking tea and chatting away while our little ones ran around, climbed, slid and generally had a fab time.
Rye was particularly taken with a "motor"bike ride on in a fabulously hot pink. 

We leave around 3pm so we avoid all the schoolchildren coming to the centre.  The walk home was blustery, thankfully dry, especially as Rye wanted to go in the mei tai and promptly fell asleep.
It can be expensive though - I spent a tenner today and it's just Rye and me - I shudder to think how much the place must cost the other mums with more kiddies.

Shattered now though - early to bed tonight I think.

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