Saturday, 14 November 2009

Oh Bollo*ks its raining

that was my unthinking exclamation this afternoon because I'd optimistically hung some washing out.  It was nearly dry too; and then the rain came.  My son also heard my exclamation and spent the rest of the afternoon telling me it was raining, "Ohhhhh bolloxs", he would then add.  Will I ever learn to watch my mouth?

Rye has drawn pictures - spiders apparently, played with the plasticine, played with his cars, the leapfrog reading thing, which I hate but of course he loves, I hide it and only bring it out when I'm sure I can cope with the constant wailing "its broken," because he's knocked the memory stick thingy and it's stopped working.  He's watched dvds, requested porriage and pancakes for tea, (we had scone pizza instead), and then much to my surprise fell asleep while cuddling up to me, while watching Merlin on Iplayer.  So he's in bed, asleep, with virtually no effort from me!

Regardless of the weather, we're going out for a walk tomorrow.  I feel all fuzzy head from spending the day indoors and, I guess, spending more time than normal online too.  Need some fresh air to blow the cobwebs away.

The crochet pinfore dress is coming along too, I want to get it finished and out of the way so I can concentrate on other projects, so for the next few days I will be concentrating on the dress, on the plus side I'm starting to speed up as I get use to the tension, and I had a brain wave.  Every 6 rows there are decreases, factor in the tight tension too, it means its been difficult to determine exactly which is the last stitch of the row, so I've had to spend ages counting and recounting to make sure I have the correct number of stitiches on each line, which slowed me down further.... then I suddenly realised that if I use my stitch markers at the beginning and end of each row, I won't have to count constantly, because I won't be accidently adding any stitches, or decreasing when I shouldn't be. 

For someone who tends to work more freeform, following a pattern is proving challenging; I'm starting to see the shape of the dress though and the satisfaction of seeing something almost magically grow, is kicking in.  I can't wait to see it completed :-)

This is the dress so far, the back would have been finished had I not needed to frog so many rows when I realised I had made a mistake...still its coming along and I'm pleased:

P.S.  There's two yarns lengths there because I'm simply carrying the colour not been used up each row, this saves on lots of ends to darn in, (and on yarn too), and actually makes for a sturdier fabric, as sometimes those ends can work free, particularly if an item is worn and washed alot - this way it reduces the risk of any unravelling.  And ok, I hate darning in loads of yarn ends!

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