Friday, 6 November 2009


Phew, last of the catch up posts. 

More painting was done so a bath and hair wash was required before the pumpkin suite went on.

Pumpkin carving

Really chuffed with how the pumpkins and the lantern turned out - Rye was fascinated.

Story telling.   A really lovely book that goes through different sounds and different animals etc that can be found each season.  Beautiful illustrations too.


I took Rye out too, not to trick and treat, but I thought a walk to see the other kiddies in costumes would be fun - except we didn't see anyone.  Not sure if I was too early, or if no one tricks or treats around here.  I only had one group come to the door - very suprised considering the number of children around here.

We had lovely pitta bread with our pumpkin soup:


Later once Rye was settled I lit the candles on my alter, plus extra for my passed Mum, Dad and brother and made a few wishes.  I sat and contempated and watched the flames and then snuggled down to sweet dreams.

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Eoforhild said...

Looks like you had a wonderful night.