Thursday, 12 November 2009


Aye, it's late - or very early, depending on your perspective; and I can't think of a snazzy title.

Today has been a fallopping kind of day; brief visit to check on a friend this morning and then rest of the day was spent playing with cars, puppets, drawing, trains, rocking on Sidney, watching Beauty and the Beast DVD and having a go at playing a wooden flute:

I was quite impressed how well he managed to get a note out of the wooden flute.  It's on a cheap little thing I picked up years ago; still Rye had fun; slobbery toddler and wooden reed do not mix however, and after a while it was barely whistling.  Oddly enough I didn't mind too much by this time and suggested to Rye we put it away and allow it to dry out and maybe play with it tomorrow ;-)

Still crocheting away; the rows I had to frog out of the dress are back correctly now and I'm feeling much happier about it.  Feel such a ninny though, I've read the pattern a dozen times to ensure I understood it... and it was one little word that my brain just fogged over:  "each".... as in decrease by 1 treble at EACH end of row six... sigh.. I read it as decrease at the end of row 6, which after a while sent me scrabbling to Ravelery to ask advice as I was fairly sure it should be shaping on both sides.  Even then the response I receive didn't click, I just kept puzzling how they could say it was shaping both sides, when it clearly wasn't....... and then my eyes caught that word and a light bulb flashed.

I had planned to finish the back of the dress today until I discovered just how cold Rye's feet are, especially since the temperature has dropped the past few days.  He's been ok up to know; being that he's so active, so socks were fine - no more.  Well, that compelled me to have a go at a pair of slippers for Rye, and this is what I came up with after adapting this incredibly easy peasy pattern

into these slippers for Rye.  Looking forward to the morning so Rye can try them on.  Very tempted to make myself a pair too, I used DK wool and a 4.5mm hook, I'm thinking a chunkier wool would actually work better though and give a bit more structure to the slipper - these are a bit floppy; but as it's 100% wool should still be lovely and warm - especially with a pair of socks on underneath. :-)

A few friends are pregnant too so I think I'll crochet a few more pairs as gifts. 
Right, I ought to get myself to bed, toddler group in the morning.

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