Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What on Earth Evolved - Christopher Lloyd.

One of the HE mum's arranged a trip to a lecture by Christopher Lloyd; part of the Folkestone Book Festival
His lecture was on his book, "What on Earth Evolved?", which covers from the big bang to modern day.  His lecture basically boiled down those billions of years into a 24 hour time line - it was brilliant.  The lecture was aimed at Key stage 2, (whatever age group that is), so Rye was a tad young for it but I wanted to support our fledgling HE group and M was a little worried that there wouldn't be many people turning up.  In the end there were about 11 families, (from various areas in Kent), so a really good turn out.

Christopher Lloyd was engaging and I found his lecture fascinating - pity I didn't have the cash to buy his book - it is on my wishlist!

Rye behaved beautifully, although he did corrupt a few of the older children into playing with him - thus leading to them being quietly told by their mum's to stop messing around and listen.  Ooops.  And he thoroughly messed up the numbers on the chairs, (clip on).  I was so engaged in the lecture, it was only when I glanced to make sure Rye was ok, that I realised that he was clipping all the numbers on the back of chair and the mum in front was clearly getting a bit fed up with little fingers brushing her back.  She didn't say anything, but what I could see of her face, she looked a bit annoyed.  Ooops again; I managed to distract him thankfully and in all, I was chuffed to pieces with him.

Afterwards, a few of us walked down the zigzag path to the coastal park and sat and nattered while the children played.  It was really nice, and I was so very grateful at how good the children, (and we're talking of kids around the age of 6), were at playing with Rye, even though they were clearly excited because there were other children their own age to play with - rather than toddlers (as is the norm when going to the park during the school day). 

Then it was time to start making tracks.  Walked with one of the family's as far as their car, before we split to walk to the bustop - and the entire walk to the car Rye held the little girl's hand, I could hear him laughing and giggling, chattering away to her.  It's such a beautiful thing to watch how trusting and friendly Rye is and I marvel at the ease with how he joins in and makes friends - when do we loose that ability?  I hope he never does.

Once friends had driven off Rye wanted carrying - up over my shoulder he went into the mei tai.  I love how it seems to almost make his weight disappear.  Of course, my body recognises the sudden weight gain even if it is well distributed.  So by the time we'd walked to the bus, got it up into town (Folkestone has some very steep hills and I don't think I'm fit enough to walk up one with Rye on my back... and I'm defintely too lazy to try lol), popped to the bank to deposit a cheque and then walked back to the bus station to catch the bus back to Cheriton and then walked home - I was shattered. 

**grin**   All that exercise justified wholewheat blueberry pancakes for tea - not dessert, tea!  Nom, nom.

Ohhh and brrrrr it's suddenly feeling very chilly indeed.  Think I'll make myself a cuppa and fill my hot water bottle up at the same time and then snuggle in bed, watch something on the laptop and crochet.  Really, really like to try and get that dress finished by Sunday.

Ohhh and there's another family in Folkestone who HE, the mums runs a french toddler group so myself and another mum are going to go to that too... does seem a tad appropriate being that my ancestery is french and my name lol.

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like a lovely day to me.
Especially the lecture.
And then the Tea. :)