Saturday, 19 December 2009


Illness has struck again.  This time severe bloating, felt like the pressure was going to make my innards pop, coupled with limited relief from explosive release of wind from various orrifices and then the cramps struck.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.  Made me feel sooo sick and they only subsided when I laid down, but of course I kept needing to go to the loo - was mostly just wind but when one's tummy is churning that much no chances can be taken.  I did crawl back to bed a few times, crying at the pain and having the vague thought that the pain wasn't dissimilar to my labour nearly 3 years ago, (around 5cms dilated).

An hour before I had to get up to start my minding day, I took some paracetomol in the hope it would ease the cramps... did seem to work, until I was vertical again and ohhh the pain.  I was debating with myself as to whether I could take my charge or not, when I received a text from her mother.  She'd been ill too and wasn't bringing her daughter.  Back to bed then.  Good for Rye too to get some extra shut eye, and lots of mummy milk as he's got quite a nasty cold, which I've caught although - touch wood, it's not too bad.

The cramps eased to bareable, just left with a washed out feeling, poor Rye has had to entertain himself most of the day.  So I allowed him to open the present one of the Home Ed ladies unexpectedly gave him.  It's a plastic model kit for toddlers, a train and car which comes apart and screws back together with a little "electric drill" etc.  Rye loves it and has spent all afternoon tinkering.

What awful timing though.  Suppose to have put the tree up and decorated it with Rye today, and finished off the last of the Yule presents, make popcorn garlands, cookies etc and not done any of it and have absolutely no enthusiasm for any of it either.  Festive spirit has disserted me.
I will put the tree up tomorrow, but I've decided to delay "Yule" until after Rye gets back from his dad's.  Thankfully, he has no idea what I had planned for tomorrow and actually, my friend, whom I'm staying with at Christmas, is going to come back and stay overnight, so it does work out quite nice to leave my celebration with Rye until the 27th.  I will celebrate the solstice on Monday and have the bonfire and I'll pick out a gift for Rye to open but that's it.

I've become a bit of a grinch.


Liz said...

Oh dear, hope you feel better soon!

Mel said...

Healing wishes coming your feel better. Have a blessed Yule...when you're feeling up to it, that is...:)