Sunday, 27 December 2009


Mmmmm, fabulous few days.

Christmas Eve Rye's dad picked him up at around 4pm and then Nina and I went back to hers.
We enjoyed a delicious curry with oh-so tasty lime pickle with popadoms - yum, couple bottles of wine, christmas music, good company, laughs and giggles.

Christmas Day a leisurely day, I think it was after 10am when we woke, coffee, toast, chatter, opening pressies and lazing on the sofa bed.... then in the evening we popped over to my brother's house for Christmas Dinner.  Oh it was lovely to see my family again, and nice to eat a christmas dinner I wasn't cooking :-)  My brother teased me mercilessly about Rye, home ed etc, it was all good naturedly of course - lil bugger!

Boxing Day, Nina brought me back home and we waited for Rye to get back.  I had initially planned to give Rye's his presents on the morning of the 27th, however the traffic was quite bad coming back and Nina wanted to get an early start on the 27th - and truthfully, I couldn't wait to see Rye with his presents.

He was a little tired after a long journey in the car (his dad had taken him down to Portsmouth), but he loved getting his pressies.  Nina bought him a 3ft alphabet train jigsaw, which we had great fun with.  We helped Rye to put it together and then we sang a rendition of "Old MacDonald", based on the animals on the train.  Rye loved it.  We also had a fabulous time with the treeblocks my brother bought Rye, and with the money from the painting, I picked up some lacing beads too:

He loved building these castles an tunnels with us :-)  He also liked knocking em down - boys!

And finally in his new dinosaur pjs.

And sadly Nina had to return home this morning after breakfast.  Rye played with his toys some more - really need to do another toy swap and move some of the stuff to his bedroom- and then I decided we were going to have a nap.  He kept telling me, "I don't want a little nap," so I told him I did, and laid in bed, and I must have actually dozed off, because I woke up thinking it was very quiet and wondering where he was.... bless him he was laid on the rug beside my bed fast asleep.  So I picked him up and we snuggled down in my bed and had a nap........ a long nap, waking up at quart to six this evening!

Christmas with Nina is beginning to become a bit of a tradition :-)  We're hoping to get a cabin in Scotland next year and take Rye - be great if we do manage it, snow, snowmen, snow ball fights, real fires (hopefully), good food, good company - lol I'm getting all excited already.

(there are a lot more photos on my face book and a wee video I took of Rye playing with the treeblock sac lol)


Mel said...

looks like a lovely time -- love those tree blocks! very cool...


Pippa said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas and a relaxing one too. Your pictures show a very happy little boy!! Tree blocks are just soooo lovely. I can't pick them up without sniffing them and feeling how solid and tactile they are. I bought them for me really!! xx