Monday, 7 December 2009

Hospital Appointment

It was Rye's eye appointment the other day and of course it was absolutely bucketing it down.
So we donned our water proof coats and took a very wet walk down to the hospital near Radnor Park

Stopping on the way to feed the ducks as we were a little early.
Rye was reasonably cooperative for the appointment.  He did refuse to wear the children's "sunglasses" so the lady was unable to conduct a full assessment.
She suggested we come back in Febrary and Rye see the Optician who apparently will put drops in his eyes and then look at the back of his eyes, to make absolutely sure all is healthy and well. 
As for the squint - she reckons its a pseudosquint - i.e. it sometimes look likes he has a squint because of the skin around his eyes and nose, as his nose grows the skin will stretch.
Good news because I was dreading being told he need specs - and then trying to get him to wear them!

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Dawn said...

Glad he's okay. My daughter was referred for a suspected squint too and it turned out to be the same as Rye - the skin around the eyes and nose, and there's no sign of anything now she's 4. She wouldn't have the glasses on either, they struggled to even distract her enough to look at her eyes.