Monday, 7 December 2009

Yule Crafting

Miserable day, the sun came out for a wee while and I did think about putting some laundry out.. and then it came over all grey and dull again.
As I had to wait for the Asda delivery, I decided to leave the post office till tomorrow, so a perfect day to crack on with crafts, (ok felt very chilly out there too and it started raining after lunch).

Managed to complete a little something for one of the daugthers of a friend, try and get the other bits finished tonight so I can post off tomorrow.
The painting is nearly finished too.  Rye's dad picked Rye up late on Friday so I didnt get the two days to work on it as I hoped - still not much more to do.
I confess I'm itching to get the Yule tree out now, the season table is looking great, the paper snowflakes in the window, just looks so wintery and Yuletide.

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