Friday, 22 January 2010


Phew, the kids have been high spirited today.  My own fault really for being a sissy and not going out in the rain.  I did take Rye out this evening, as we wandered around to a friend's house to drop off some of the divine tasajara bread (I may stop raving about this bread at some point in the near future lol), but really he needs a good long run, and my charge has started climbing.  I see a trip to Kidz Planet in our near future!

On the upside a few purchases turned up today, a booster seat for my charge; the old highchair is huge and takes up sooooooooo much room so that will be consigned back to the shed now.  I might freecycle it.
I also picked up an extra stairgate, an easy fit one for the kitchen.  I've been finding it a bit stressful having both kids underfoot when I'm cooking - it's fine for washing up; but when potential burning hazards are present it's just too worrying.  My little charge.. is just that, little, and Rye is charging in and out, showing off and generally being all boisterous; just not a good combo. And a log basket for the treeblocks; although Rye has emptied all the baskets and added his train tracks/trains and wooden animals lol.

The booster seat was a good buy.  I bought on that has a tray too as I wasn't sure if my little lass, even boostered, would be at a good height for the table... she is.  And it was really lovely to sit at the table with both of them and have tea, rather than Rye being at the table and me sat on the pouffe helping the wee one in the high chair.  It will be great for crafting and painting too :-)

And finally the book on festivals arrived.  I think this year we'll explore the Chinese New Year, make some lanterns and maybe paint some big dragons for the art string...a nd ok I picked up some kite paper from Myriad and I'm keen to use it :P

Anyhoos, bed, particularly as I slept in this morning and was woken by my "mum" knocking on the door.  Eek, I flew down the stairs, throwing a dress over my head, opened the door, apologised profusely for sleeping in etc, took hold of my charge, said goodbye to the mum.... and then I looked in the mirror.  OMG my hair!  The lotion I used to de-lice myself last night was really oily, and despite washing my hair twice, I'd obviously not got it all out.......... this morning I looked like I'd chucked a pan of chip fat over my head!

Ah well, at least I didn't have the back of the dress caught in my knickers or anything like that lol.. gotta look on the bright side!


arwen_tiw said...

Hey, THANKYOU for the parcel!! :) Made a little hat from the wool already, for Naomi's bean. The book is so good, finally know where those end of row stitches are supposed to go! When do you want it back hun?

Joxy said...

There's no rush hon, keep it as long as you need it. And let me know when you do decide to return it and I@ll send you the postage - I insist :-)