Sunday, 24 January 2010

Living with Autism.

The 16yr old son of one of my best friends is creating a vlog of his life with his severely autistic 14yr old brother.  He will be doing a daily short video for a year based on this theme.

Please watch and please, feel free to spam this vid, it would be great if Aaron was to get quite a following on this - I think too, it's an important issue too; the impact of autism on siblings.

Aaron is also a talented photographer:  and he's had several photographs published in his local newspaper.  If you use face book go and have a look :-)


bettywobble said...

I will certainly be wanting to follow this joxy-will you be posting his videos or is there a link? xx

Joxy said...

There you go, then you can subscribe to his vids.

bettywobble said...

Thanks hon xx

Sinful Theology said...

Great video! Made me cry that all his mates got together to make his younger brother a swing - and people say all teenagers are yobs!

Sinful's Wife

Joxy said...

Frustrates me a lot the way today's teenagers are villianised.

And thank you :-) I will pass onto Aaron your comment.