Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ringing in my ears!

The order I made from Tish Tash Toys arrived today;

Play food for the kitchen.  A wood pizza and cutter and then a fruit selection that "cuts" up.  The pizza has been a big hit with  Rye, he's played with it most of the afternoon.

A black doll.  I confess I only bought her because I'm required by ofsted to have toys etc that demonstrate diversity.  My charge wasn't the slightest bit interested and threw her on the floor.  Rye had a quick look; but the pizza set was far more interesting.

Wooden magnetic alphabet.  Rye had fun playing with these too; and I'm hoping they will be useful in helping Rye learn to read.

I thought it would be nice to expand on the musical toys I have - particularly as the plastic noisy toys that C's mum gave me, are residing in the cupboard out of reach of tiny hands... the ringing in my ears tells me the xylophone was a bad, bad idea!

It has a lovely tone.. until the kids get hold of the drumstick and beat the hell out of it.

Nonetheless, it's been a lovely day.  The sun shining coaxed us out; my charge in the ringsling and Rye holding my hand.  We popped into town to visit my bank to deposit a cheque, nabbed a bargain in a shop that is selling everything off for a refit; one of those microfibre floor mops, was £8 reduced to £4 and some LED lights for £3.  I am very impressed with the microfibre floor mop, it swept up all the bits and dried mud beautifully.  I find my normal floor brush seems to leaves bits all over the place. Came with a little duster too; and gosh; I had more dust that I realised and cobwebs!  I console myself I'm a Witch, I'm suppoe to have cobwebs lol.
Once back, I popped my charge down for a nap.  I did think she was going to sleep in the sling as she nodded off on the bus; however once in town far too much going on to sleep!  Rye was desperate to play with the xylophone - hah not on your nelly boy! 
I allowed him to play with it once my charge had been picked up.  My poor ears!

Ohhh and I have to mention the tea I made on Sunday for Rye and me.  It is a dish my father use to make a lot; I've never known anyone else do it and it's gorgeous and makes an excellent main meal for vegetarians.
The humble yorkshire pud, made glorious with the addition of thinly sliced potatoe.  Nom, nom, nom; so simple to make, I micowaved whole, peeled potatoes (in a little water) for a few minutes to begin the cooking process - my dad never did; but then we had an aga, whereas the cooker in this rented property is fierce.  Pop the tin in the oven to get smoking hot, once there quickly pile the potatoe into the bottle in a single layer if possible and cover with yorkshire pud batter and shove in the oven on high for about 20 minutes and then lower the temp by appox 100 degrees and cook for a further 20-30 minutes until deeply golden brown and the potatoe is cooked through, serve with the usual roast dinner accompaniments and gravy, nom, nom.

I added thyme to the batter too, which was lovely.  Rosemary is nice too.

Mashed sweede, yorkshire potato pudding and broccoli with veggie gravey - oh my it was delish :-)


San said...

What a lovely day and that grub looked good!! Hope the parcel for Rye arrives soon and thanks for your kind words on the GP forum re Benedict!
Hope you have a good week and remember cobwebs rock!!
San x

Lynn said...

I remember my dad and sisters used to like yorkshires warm for a pudd with either jam aor syrup.I have never heard of this way but it sounds delish and I will give it a go.xx

Julie said...

That dinner sounds yum! We have the chop in half fruit. It drives me INSANE! it gets everywhere. Well half of each one ;)

michel said...

mmmm... yorkshires... I've never thought to put potatoes in the batter, thanks for the tip :)

I'm sure that you'll find the magnetic letters really valuable for Rye's learning. Beth uses her ones all the time and has a set of spongey letters for in the bath that stick to the tiles when wet. She loves them and they have been fantastic for helping her to learn letter recognition and the making of simple words, especially when you combine it with the phonetic sounds x

michel said...

ok, I just realised I sent you my last comment twice :s d'oh, I thought it hadn't sent the first time so I rewrote it, lol... then realised you had comment approval on *shakes head* I'm not really with it today, lol x

nocton4 said...

oh that dinner looks so wonderful .. yes please

Joxy said...

Aye I have the spongy alphabet letters for the bath too. PIcked them up from the Works a couple of years ago; but it's only recently that Rye's started to show an interest.

I've been thinking, I bet celeriac would taste nice in the Yorkshire Pud batter too, maybe with a sprinkle of garlic too, mmmm may have to experiment :-)

Cave Mother said...

Potatoes in Yorkshire pud is a fantastic idea. Thank you.

Dawn said...

I was inspired by the addition of potato and made this earlier in the week. I also added some chopped up veggie sausages and it was yummy! Thanks.
I like the idea of the Celeriac too (love Celeriac), must try that some time.