Sunday, 21 February 2010


Received a panicked call this afternoon from my charge's mum.  She'd taken C into A&E because of rash that had spread quite alarmingly.  Docs had asked if C had eaten anything unusual - hence the call to me.  Later, C's mum called me again - and it's chickenpox.

Later Rye's dad dropped him off; and as we sat and ate a rather delicious tea, I noticed, what at first I thought was a cut above Rye's eye, a mark... then I noticed a little red mark on his neck.  Once he was undressed it became apparent he has chickenpox too.  I can only assume the kids picked up the virus from Kidz Planet because I've not been anywhere with them this past week as all the groups etc don't run over the school hollidays.. and a few of us HE parents now have kiddies with chickenpox. 

I know it's unpleasant for the kids; however, I am relieved Rye's caught it now.  I had chickenpox as an adult and it was horrendous.   I hadn't realised just how dangerous the virus can be for vulnerable groups, including pregnant women and newborn babies; so that's definitely put paid to plans to pop out in the morning for lotions and potions.  My friend has kindly agreed to pick a few bits up for me.

At least he will have company; I'd already told the mum she could drop of C tomorrow as usual. With any luck it will distract them both from their illness a bit.. and if not I have plans for marathon sessions of cuddling and dvds :-)


Jax said...

oatmeal baths :)

viv said...

oh good luck tomorrow. If I remember rightly Alanna was ok for the first couple of days until the itching kicked in as the spots dried out. I found Aloe vera worked a lot better than calomine lotion as it didn't dry so quickly!!

Greentwinsmummy said...

oh bless poor boy x my 2 had it last year & were wretched ill but as you say its better to get it when a small than a big,its a bit of a childhood rite of passage I think,to compare chicken pox scars!
Oatmeal baths are superb,bundle up some porridge oats in a popsock & tie it,they go all creamy & squishy & the oozey cream produced is the most lovely thing for wiping over a sore little skin.
Hope hes on the mend soon x xxx