Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Monday 22nd Feb.

The chickenpox seems to be quite mild; both children are playing and causing havoc as normal.  C has it worst than Rye, poor little thing, especially as she's in a nappy - imagine that must make the itching worst; and she has a lot of nasty looking spots around that area.

Rye seems to have got off quite lightly, he has about 20 spots, there's one above his eye which worries me a little as he's scratched that one and it's very swollen and red, so have to make sure it doesn't get infected.  Thankfully though he has very few spots on his face and just a small smattering around his torso and upper legs.

Oat bath seemed to soothe and he enjoyed squeezing the sock and the creamy oat liquid spilling out over his hands.

I suspect the week indoors is going to be more trying than the chickenpox; plans afoot to do yoga on a morning with the kids and then in the afternoon put some music on and have big dance sessions and playing with the musical instruments.

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Cave Mother said...

Ugh, chicken pox. I just hope you don't catch it - shingles is an absolute nightmare. Stay healthy!