Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Evening sketching.

Rye requested to do some drawing this evening.  And as he'd just tidied up all his train tracks and tried to put the large heavy basket back on the shelves, I felt it would be churlish to say no, just cos all I want to do is go and curl up in bed and sleep.  (Yes, yet another cold).

So drawing half naked:
And much to my excitment; Rye is starting to draw semi recognisable objects. This is a motorbike and rider; which looks a little like the wooden motorbikes he has;
And this is a lorry
I'm pretty impressed and rather proud.

Can I ask tho - should 2 yr olds be drawing people?  The HV asked me this and she really did expect Rye to be doing this, particularly as he was 2 1/2 when I took him for the check.  I was stunned; he was still at the swirls and scribbles stage - well he still is; only just starting to draw objects - at least ones I can see are what he says they are.  Which reminds, the HV did call to ask me to bring Rye back; I told her no.  Said I had absolutely no concerns, his speech etc had come on leaps and bounds.  She asked me about his concentration and I told her that has never been a problem, I was just too suprised to say so when she raised it; and said he has from a very young age being a very concentrated little boy and will spend hours drawing (this evening he's been drawing for about an hour).  She sounded a bit suprised and then just asked me if he was nursery now and I told her he wouldn' be going and that we go to a lot of groups etc ourselves and I don't see the necessity of nursery.
I think I must have come across as quite forceful because she didn't argue, just said, ok and that she would update the records and that was it. :-)


Fiona said...

I am no expert on child development, except to realise that they all come along at their own pace.
But quite frankly I think Rye's drawings are AMAZING! Seriously his pictures are fantastic, and clearly recognisable as the objects he is drawing.
As for being able to draw people, I have no idea. All I can say is that my almost 3 year old shows no inclination to draw people yet - she does draw, just not people - and I am sure she will get there in her own sweet time.
Well done Rye, and well done you for being firm with the HV. As you said, you know your own child best, and development can't just be measured with ticks in boxes.

Vicks said...

hmmm, dunno if they should be able to draw people, at that age but its a pretty important thing,if they arent( assuming that 2 yrs is average,when they should be ).....coming from the angle that I know about.
So its a fair point for the HV to ask,as it could be flagging an issue.
Particularly,as so many with problems are falling through the net,not just autys and what with Rye not going to nursery,or a school,he "could" not get flagged if there is a prob,cos he wont be amongst his peers,as much as the average tot.
And unless you see your own kid against others,you assume they are fantastic at everything they do(normal parental bias) however,its not till you see them against many,do you notice where they may be struggling.

maybe you should have taken him back...just to be sure,and to know where he may( if anywhere at all) he is behind,and needs extra support.

I do understand your desire to do the home ed thing,and I am not saying its wrong,but you maybe should just to be on the safe side,get him checked.

Stands back and waits to be berated..........

Cave Mother said...

Ooh it must be so exciting! I love every little leap and bound my babe makes. And I'm sure he is perfectly within the normal range of development - you would know if there was anything wrong.

Dawn said...

I wouldn't be concerned about whether he's drawing people, seeing your blog over time Rye looks like he likes playing more than drawing (maybe that's just my perceptiom?), maybe now he feels like doing more and his pictures will develop.
Imogen was always drawing since she could hold crayons and was drawing faces and people from a young age and looking back there were people drawings from before she was 2, but then she likes drawing a lot and I think her drawings are advanced for her age but they are all different aren't they?.
If you're happy with his development I wouldn't be concerned with your HV comments - why they want to have all children be the same at ages astounds me. I would also say that I don't think he would be any different if he was at nursery, Imogen never went to nursery either but has developed fine as far as I can see. She is at pre-school for two half days now as she starts school in September and wanted to go and play with friends she will know at school too (it's very play based and I wouldn't say they'd have developed her drawing skills or other stuff either - she draws and paints better stuff at home than there).
Oh, sorry waffled on a bit there. Rye seems fine to me, and if Mama is happy, that's all that counts.

nocton4 said...

loving that lorry xxx

Joxy said...

LOL Vicks, nope all opinions welcome here; if I didn't really want to know I wouldn't have asked. Have looked into it some; and it seems it's more that they are doing squibbles and spirals and more attributing those to being people rather than being recognisably people IYSWIM.. well he's done spirals and squibbles for yonks, 'cept he's always attributed them to cars, lorries etc lol Which considering how much he loves all things vehicular isn't that suprising really.

And hey the motorbike, he's drawn the rider too, because that's what on toys motorbikes :-)

Right lunch now finished, so time to try and get the little one down for a nap - fingers crossed Rye doesn't come looking for me again and wake her..sigh... little miss wouldn't go back to sleep after that lol.

becki said...

Alfie is 4 in about 6 weeks and has never drawn a person!