Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Thrilling White Goods.

I nearly always buy secondhand, pick up from freecycle or have hand me downs.  I nearly bought second hand when it came to buying a larder fridge; I wasn't impressed though, the cost for really rather old, battered and often mouldy fridges was ridiculous.  I decided new was the way to go, this appliance would be storing food; I'd really rather start with a fridge without mould.  I've debated with myself for months, wondering if I really do need a larder fridge, rather than just want one.  It is a need.  My tiny little fridge I bought when in the flat, simply cannot store all the fruit, veg and salad stuff I now buy - not to mention milk, eggs, open jars of condiments that ought really be in a fridge, yoghurt, butter, fats for baking, water jug etc.  Forget actually makiing up a salad to keep in the fridge or a fruit salad for nibbling on.  No room.

So, I've bought myself this beautiful larder fridge, A rated;
So roomy, I feel all inspired.  Tonight I will be soaking some chickpeas and other bits and bats and making up some dips to keep in there :-)  I even have room to prepare bread at night, and then leave it to prove overnight in the fridge (final proving obviously), before baking off in the morning - yum yum.
Hehehe, might even have to pick up a few bottles of wine to pop on that wrack ;-)  There is another distinct advantage of this fridge.  The thermostat control is at the top, way, way out of reach of Rye's little twiddling fingers.  The number of times I've come downstairs to discover he's once again messed with the control and effectively turned it off.  Being that it had a little freezer compartment at the top; the ice would all melt onto everything; and quite often there were items that were ruined.

It does feel rather imposing in the kitchen; but oh, I love it.  And ok, if I weren't childminding I prehaps wouldn't have required such a large fridge  But I am, and this beauty will make life a bit easier, and you know I am a pagan and a greeny in the 21st Century - I don't have an underground cellar to store food in; and while I don't buy into all the consumer items we're told we MUST have, I personally consider a fridge pretty high up in the importance stakes.  Rather have a fridge than a freezer for example.  Nor do I reject all the technological advances that have been made.. wouldn't be without my laptop - well, not if I have a choice anyway.

Oh gosh, and just look at this photo; the kids were having their 10 o clock snack and C's woolly hat was on the table;
And last night Rye announced he wanted to bake muffins - well, who am I to argue;
Very nice too; if somewhat lopsided lol.


nocton4 said...

oh what fun you'll have filling that up

Joxy said...

Yup.. although I am starting to flag; I've managed to pretty much ignore the crappy cold I have yet again, and get on with being with the kids. Now my minded child has gone nd Rye is happily drawing, I'm yawning my head off and beginning to fantasise about bed lol.

I will put on some pulses to soak though and bread, as I've run out.. using my old receipe I can do the prove overnight in the fridge..and actually such a long proving session does help to mature the flavour a bit.

Talie/ Mama Rainbow said...

OMG I have serious fridge envy! I wish I had the space for a beast like that but alas I only have room for a regular sized fridge :(
My big want/need at the mo' is a big chest freezer (can shove that in the garage!) so I can cook ahead and have a supply of healthy homemade goodies stored up for those nights where I just don't feel like doing it all from scratch.

Good for you standing your ground with the HV btw!

Love & light xxx