Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Pics from the past few days.

My darling little lad conked out  about 3:30pm yesterday and didn't wake until 9ish;
 Ohhh the dahl I made the other day , that was ever so tasty;
 And today's fun and a games :-)  A friend popped round this afternoon, and while I was settling C for her afternoon nap the bean bags I'd ordered arrived.  LMAO, well, that was fun; my hallway is piddling and rather stupidally the front door has been hung so it opens against the door to the lounge, thus blocking over half the entrance to the room.... so trying to get humongous bags through the front door, shut front door then into the lounge was rather challenging.. and squishing at times lol.

I've bought a 4ft "sofa" bag for the lounge because seating is rather limited.  I only have the 2 seater sofa and a pouffe; so I wanted so extra comfy seating that wouldn't take up a lot of room, and could double as something fun for the kids too.  Safe to say the lounge bean bag has gone down a storm;
 I am being very brave because I did look at these photos, my friend took for me, and think, "OMG, look at the size of me!"  They are such lovely photos of Rye and me though and there aren't many of us together like this, so what the heck.  I'm fat, and until Im not, I am going to look at photos and think, "Urgh!"  lol.

Mind, I think I've lost some, I feel lighter, and my knees are much improved, I can walk up and down the stairs pretty easy now and leavering that body off the floor isn't quite so much effort.
Oh, and the other bean bag?  It's a six foot long sofa bed bean bag for Rye.  I've made it up for him and I'll see if he wants to sleep on it tonight - he might not tho as he's not 100%.  No biggy.  And part of the reason for buying it, is so it can double as a guest bed when needed or even extra seating (as Rye of course can always sleep in my room.. or even on the smaller bean bag as it's large enough for him to kip on at the mo.


nocton4 said...

my darling friend, I am so pleased to see the photos of you and Rye together, how beautiful they are, how happy you both look .. such a special Mama and her boy bond, you can clearly see it in those beautiful photos.
You look stunning, full of love and happiness.
Blessed Be sweetheart xx

sue said...

Oh my what FAB photo's, Joxy you are one beautiful mama with a gorgeous son :)
mmm the dahl looks sooo yummy!
Blessings, Sue xxx

Michelle said...

They are lovely photos of you and Rye.

Jax said...

They are lovely pics and you look very happy together :)

Eoforhild said...

They are lovely pictures. You look like you are both having so much fun.

San said...

I think the photos are brilliant Rye is blessed to have you as his mum!
San/mum2five on GP