Friday, 19 March 2010


The sandpit arrived this afternoon and has been an immediate hit with Rye.
Originally I had my eye on a very large wooden pit for £100.  But I'm not the most DIY sort of person and I probably would forget to treat it each year to prevent rot etc and I live very near to the beach so spending that sort of money seemed silly.. and I saw the pit above for £16.99 in Argos and really it was a no brainer.  Rye loves it and it is actually plenty big enough and the lid can be used as a paddling pool too.  So anyway, inspite of it raining Rye got stuck right in, in the serious business of building sandcastles to jump on. :-)

And a day early; however, the recipient of my season swap gift has let me know it's been received safely and as the children are ill they were allowed to open it - and I think it's helped to cheer them up a bit :-)  So, this is what I made - I have made a second swap gift for someone else (not part of the GP swap) but I'll leave those photos till tomorrow.

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Becks said...

Oh definitely cheered up a poorly little boy. A lovely swap and all parts enjoyed and loved. Thank you so much. And how did you manage to include something that each child would claim for their own, and one to leave the daddy smiling too?
Seasons greetings.