Friday, 19 March 2010

Slapped cheek?

A newbie on the GP forum was asking about the risks of slapped cheek (Fifth disease), because she's pregnant and her GP wasn't overly reasurring or informative.  It suddenly occured to me that Rye has been ill with snotty nose and very red cheeks for a good week and half,  tonight they are flaming red and very hot to touch;
He was beginning to get the glassy eyed look this evening too.   During the day, apart from rivulets of snot, he seems ok, perhaps a little more whingy than normal is all.  My poor boy, I am sooo looking forward to him being properly well again and seeing that beautiful complexion of his without it being marred by snot and reddness.

Anyway, what you think?  Slapped cheek or just his face sore from the constant smearing of snot and then frequent face wiping to clear up all the yucky snot.

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