Friday, 19 March 2010


Phew, what a day Thursday was.

Season swaps to package and send off; and the realisation I HAD to take them to the post office in the morning because I have deliveries coming on today (Friday), and there was Home Ed group in the afternoon and I really needed to take Rye to run off some energy to increase the chance of him going to bed and sleeping, so I can go on the HE social evening.

So began the mad rush.  Poor Rye had several melt downs, I had a few semi ones myself and eventually we made it to Kids Planet.  Where actually, some lovely plans are in the wind where another mama and myself are going to try and get together regularly and create a waldorf styley playgroup - and just talking in general on how we should meet up more rgularly as we live very close to each other and while her boys are quite a bit younger than Rye; he's use to playing with kiddies younger and older than him and doesn't seem to care either way lol.  Plus, the HE group is now chatting about starting to move our meets outdoors; in a couple of weeks and some meets happening at folk's homes etc.

Rye enjoyed Kidz Planet, although we ended up leaving slightly earlier than I planned because Rye decided it was too much bother to take himself to the bathroom; and just peed where he sat in the plastic rideon car.  I was rather motified, I must admit.  The staff were good about it though, however, because Rye was sitting down when he peed, his t'shirt got wet too.  Spare trousers I have for these eventualities - a t'shirt I didn't, so we had to leave, Rye just wearing his coat.  He wasn't overly happy and dragged his feet all the way home.

And gosh productive afternoon; tidied and cleaned the lounge, kitchen and bathroom, gave Rye a bath, as is our bedtime ritual we lit two candles to read the story by; one candle is the blessing candle and Rye wanted to send blessings to Toby and Izzy :-)  Story was superquick, lots of kisses, candles out and then I sat there hoping he would fall alseep.  He did, quickly.

Which gave me a few minutes extra to pop on a bit of eye makeup lol.  The evening was a success, we had a good gab, chatted home ed, lives in general, suggested plans.  Indeed we were gabbing so much, the waitress had to come back 3 or 4 times before we were ready to order lol.  And I had my first Eaton Mess for dessert.  Hmmm, very nice indeed.  Came home, paid the babysitter and after a quick nosey online (I'm addicted lol)  I falloped in bed and sank into deep, blissful sleep.... Rye did wake me up around 3am trying to sneak into my bed.  I popped him back in his own room.... he sneaked back through this morning for cuddles :-)

So yes a fraught Thursday - but a productive and fun one too :-)

<~@''''''''    (message from my charge lol)

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