Tuesday, 9 March 2010

In a blink of an eye.

That's been today.  This morning did seem to last forever; but then I was feeling incredibly rubbish and half contemplating calling my charge's mum to say I was too ill to mind and could she come and pick her daughter up.  But, I know how hard it is for lone parents when their childcare provider is unable to provide the service last minute; so I dosed up; drank loads of water and carried on; praying lunch time and naptime would come quickly.

As usually happens, in the end lunch was later than normal because the playsilks arrived from Nannie Cool and the children immediately appropriated the silks and played with them, rubbed their faces against the silk.  Rye became a tad possessive and collected them all and climbed on the sofa with the silks and bundled himself under them, shouting at my charge to go away.  Only way to resolve that was to join in playing with them so Rye was happier to share.  The silks are lovely; particularly the gold one that is dyed naturally.  I will be keen to purchase more when Nannie Cool has cracked naturally colouring the silks.
Rye particularly likes wearing the silks as hats.

So, yes, C went up for her nap later than normal.  I came back and snuggled on the sofa with Rye, shivering I felt so cold; not that it was, the kids all felt warm enough; just my immune system I guess fighting off the germs.  Anyway, I nodded off, Rye nodded off and we kept on nodding off until my alarm rudely awoke us at 4pm!  OOOOPS and thank goodness I have my alarm set for 4pm to remind me it's time to cook tea, otherwise we may well have still being napping when C's mum arrived.

We had vegetable finger& salad fajitas which were really lovely, for tea.  My charge wasn't that impressed; but Rye ate most of his.  Relieved to realised I felt much better; although chesty and I can feel the cough brewing; lemon and honey tonight before bed.  I still feel incredibly tired though; early night again, which is a tad annoying as I've not finished the season swaps yets (I'm doing 2; one organised via the GP forum and another organised via a blog), and I had hoped to have them finished by now and posted off.  Ah well, there's still plenty of time; solong they arrive before the Solstice.

And well, I guess I better tidy up the destruction two young children cause in a small lounge:


Fiona said...

Hmm, very tempted by those silks I must say.

Sorry you are feeling under the weather, but hoping you fight if off soon.

Arlenkern74 said...

hope you feel better soon xx

Anonymous said...

oooh nice silks!