Monday, 8 March 2010

Illness again.

Rye woke up yesterday morning crying his nose needed wiping and as time has progressed, poor lad has developed another cold.  I have some echinea tincture this time so I'm dosing him with that; juicing him lots of oranges and giving him wholewheat pancakes with golddust honey on it, (manuaka honey).  I too have the scratchy feeling at the back of the roof of my mouth, tingly nose that is starting to culminate into sneezing and the slightly fuzzy head.  Wonderful.

I had such exciting plans for us this week; today was to be fossil hunting; although I rather suspect it is something I will need to do on a weekend with Rye when my charge isn't with me; I've been told much clambering over rocks is required and that is simply not safe with C on my back, particularly as I'm not that nimble.  I had planned to go down there, have a look see before deciding (i.e. assessing the risk for the paperwork I have to keep), and if it wasn't suitable then just take the kids to the sandy beach to play for the morning.

Tuesday would have been the first session of the swimming for our HE group, alas, I very much doubt we will be making that.  Wednesday - well I'd planned today to call the lady who runs the french group to enquire about us coming along - I will still call in a moment or two; but have to wait until next week.

Fingers crossed Rye is feeling better by Thursday; that is toddler group in the morning and then soft play in the afternoon; although I'm beginning to loose my soft play joy as I think that is where Rye keeps picking up all these bugs.  On the upside, we are starting to organise and suggesting more things to do with the kids and as the weather warms the parks, beach, woods etc will become our stomping grounds - can't wait!

Warm weather, so looking forward to it now; I actually felt dismayed when I realised it was snowing this morning, when I was out in the garden with the kids.  The merest of flutters thankfully, hope it stays that way.  Much as I adore snow, I've had enough and yearn for warmth.


arwen_tiw said...

Get better soon guys! xxx

Crystalrainbow said...

Hi i dont think we've met but I love and admire your energy and hearing about your trips out. Dont think this blooming weather helps. I too have been out thinking spring had arrived but its been freezing here again today. Wrap up and keep warm and get well soon.

becki said...

Soft play is awful for bugs. That's where Holly picked up the last sick bug that then also claimed Alfie then me. Get well soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fiona said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon, and like you I am done with snow for this year (but sadly I think we have a while to go yet before we are seeing signs of Spring).
Can't wait to hear about the French group though - that sounds interesting.

nocton4 said...

love and healthy wishes heading your way my darling xxx

Liz said...

Definitely soft play is awful for bugs. We've never in our lives before or since been as ill as the winter we went every week to a soft play centre. I avoid them now.

But also, chicken pox is notorious for lowering the immune system for several months afterwards. Lots of people find that after chicken pox their little ones seem to catch bug after bug for quite a while.

Joxy said...

Yep I am loosing my soft play love. Inititally, I thought it was a wonderful place; Rye could run around, play wiht lots of other kids and I could sit have a hot cuppa and a natter (well until I started childminding lol; now I have to wait until my charge has been picked up), but yeah, just illness after illness; I know having a C come into the setting is exposing us to new germs too; but blimey it's been ridiculous. Just hope the echinea and golddust honey helps him... he does seem to be faring better than me.

Hmmm as chickenpox lowers the immune system; should I keep on dosing him with echinae for a while? I normally stop once symptoms disappear.

Joxy said...

Ohhh btw Welcome Crystal and thank you for your kind words :-) Constantly amazes me that people want to and enjoy reading my rambles :-)