Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Interesting Day.

Today, I decided, we would check out the toddler group at the Baptist Church down in the village.  It is somewhat more structured than the group we attend on a Thursday morning at the Methodist Church; there's a section for the children to play on the ride on toys, a section for babies and those beginning to crawl, a craft table, story time and songs, snack is a small bowl of chopped fruit, and all for £1. 

Unfortunately, I feel very uncomfortable at this group for the simple reason I had no idea when I went that it is Church run and the story time is really nothing more than an opportunity to share stories about the Bible and then to say a prayer afterwards and songtime is thanking God for being able to jump, march, clap etc.  Naturally, this doesn't sit very well with me; at first I was rather bothered that I was bothered and wondered if it was a really a big deal; but after thrashing it out somewhat on the GP forum, I've decided that actually for me it is.  Had I known the group wasn't a secular group I wouldn't have gone in the first place, so while the kids did have a wonderful time there, I shan't be going back.  I toyed with swallowing my discomfort as the kids did enjoy it; but I have to be honest, I probably would have used the slightest excuse not to go and as it seems a popular group the spaces that were going to be offered to us should really go for a family that will make good use of the group.

My little cyclist is banned from riding his bike down in the village too.  He scared the beejeebers out of me several times and in the end I made him get off the bike and walk.  Now he's comfortable on the bike and can get a turn of speed up he's really quite dangerous; especially as he doesn't always watch where he's going; and several times he nearly rode off the pavement straight into oncoming, heavy and fast traffic (it is a very wide pavement), and also getting up that turn of speed and the freewheeling, means he's getting further ahead than I like and a few tmes he hasn't heard me shouting stop and rode straight out onto the road - thank gawd nothing was coming!  

Once back home, Rye played in the garden while I took C for her nap, (and wow she slept a long time), then teatime, stories and our little guest left for the day... oh, and a little man beside me is snoring; so I shall take him upstairs, give him a bath (he only had one the other day; but he's had a few accidents today; going through a frustrating stage of him waiting too long to go for a pee and wetting himself) and then bed.

And while the toddler group this morning isn't my cup of tea; I have to say, it was lovely to see the kids playing and absolutely no squabbling whatsoever :-)

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Eoforhild said...

That's the exact reason I've been wary of the baby/toddler groups in the village. Other than the one in the Children's centre, the rest are all church run and I wouldn't be happy in that situation.

I think if you are uncomfortable eventually the kids would pick up on that and not enjoy themselves as much anyway.