Thursday, 4 March 2010

Terrific Thursday :-)

Phew, busy day.

This morning we were out of the door for just after 9:40pm to walk to toddler group.  Lovely morning, Rye had a fantastic time and my charge seemed to enjoy herself too.   Until today I don't think I'd really appreciated just how important it is for Rye, especially now I'm childminding.   He generally plays lovely with C; there is some taking toys off her, sometimes being a little too precious, sometimes being a bit too rough and boisterious, in the main though he does play well with her, and looks forward to her arrival on a morning.  I think perhaps it was so noticeable too because for the past few weeks we haven't been to our usual groups because first of half term and then last week because of chickenpox.

Toddler group and Kidz Planet afford Rye with the opportunity to be a 3yr old without me continually refereeing his play because of C being younger and smaller; and he gets to play with kiddies of similar age to him and older too.  It was rather plain he relished zipping around the hall at toddler group and in the main, being left to get on with the important business of riding a tractor around and around the hall.  Similarly, C clearly enjoyed playing without Rye butting in and taking over. 

And he was in his element at Kidz Planet; racing around, climbing up, sliding down, chasing after the other HE kids, making friends with other kiddies his own age and running around playing "chase me".  And C enjoyed playing in the under 2 area on the slide and the play house etc.  Lovely for me too because my friend with twin boys has started coming along too so we both get to have a natter while also keeping an eye on our kids, (well, charge in my case).   I relish Thursdays a lot, as does Rye :-)

Ohhh and now Spring is making her presence known; (although according to the forecast we might get some snow on Sunday), I shall venture down to the beach again; whole days out of the house - wonderful; and of course days spent in the garden too - looking forward to that because it makes it easier to invite people over - the house is too small; the garden tho, is a pretty decent size :-) I already have plans for play dates and bbqs rattling around in my head lol.

Ohhh and a new weekly activitiy will begin from next Tuesday too.  I have organised swimming at our local pool for the HE group.  Really looking forward to that :-)  Next week will be busy - Monday Fossil Hunting with my local pagan community, Tuesday Swimming, Wednesday - hmmm, haven't decided which grp to try out yet, Thursday Toddler group and then Kidz Planet and Friday... lol, I think Friday we might just stay home.

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