Monday, 22 March 2010

The weekend.

Lovely weekend.
It was the Vernal Equinox on Saturday (officially at 17:34, apparently), and I did have plans that featured garden, bonfires, food and company.  However, the dinning set I ordered arrived and wow, it took me over 4 hours to assemble, by which time it was both too late and I too knackered to bake, make bonfire etc - so I ordered pizza.  Then I remember I'd said I wouldn't order takeaway for Lent.. oh well. lol. 

Yer money or yer life!
 A friend bought Rye this Atlas/jigsaws book 2 Christmas's ago and he's now really fascinated with it.
Tea sat at our nice new table.  I love this table and chairs; fits in lounge lovely, and best of all plenty of room for me to sit and eat with the kids.  
I particularly enjoyed sitting with Rye last night to eat our roast dinner; Potatoe Yorkshire pudding, and roast veggies - includng those artichokes - not sure I'm keen on the flavour.. and oh my - they don't half make you fart!  
Ohhhh, and we went swimming yesterday meeting up with friend with twin boys and Aunty J (pictured above).  It was really lovely and to say I really only sat in the training pool, I was shattered afterwards.

Very nice weekend; although I feel a bit out of sync as we didn't really celelbrate the Equinox - I really must be a bit more organised in future.

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becki said...

PMSL! I'd better avoid the artichokes then as most things have that effect on me as it is ;)