Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spring Season Swap

Blessings everyone :-)

A rather grey day here with a very tired mummy.  Poor Rye was rather ill in the night with a temperature of 38.3 and feeling very sorry for himself.  So one little boy picked up and taken into bed with me - he just wanted to cuddle all night.  Thankfully after a few hours his temperature abated, he is still very, very snotty and it's distressing him a little.  I was a little worried I confess, and did strip him to check there were no frightening type of rashes - if you know what I mean. 

He is much perkier this morning, the flaming red cheeks have abated and he was very excited to open our season swap gift from the very talented and lovely Claire, Phoebe and Eveline over at The Green Queen  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Utterly beautiful!  Here are a few photos of gorgeousness.
And a pair of lovely little pentagram earrings, that I'm wearing, hence no photo of them - and look at that bracelet, I normally don't wear bracelets because they are usually too tight for me - this fits perfectly, and I love it; and I am rather partial to green too :-)
And this is our season table to date.
  I plan to take the little man out later and we'll pick up some sticks etc to pop in the plant pot to create our Egg Tree.  The sunflower seeds Claire sent, I think we'll plant outside as I really do want to keep the plantpot for the seasontable - it's just so gorgeous.

Ohhh and this is the other season swap I made for DarkStarBaby:


Becks said...

So glad you're worst fears weren't realised but hoping that Rye beins is recovery soon.
Season table is looking lovely BTW. xx

mamaUK said...

Happy Spring Equinox! It's very wet and windy here today, so a bit of a damp start to spring! LOL
Rosaleen ♥

Crystalrainbow said...

Bles him :) glad hes feeling a little brighter x Love the seasonal table too x

Liz said...

The gifts were wonderful, thank you so much, Kailen LOVES the spinning top and the crystal :)