Monday, 1 March 2010

Sun and Blue Skies.

Very exciting to wake up to lovely blue skies and sunshine this morning, (well the sun was just starting to rise), particularly when the weather forecast for this area said rain today.

First though,  I snapped these photos yesterday;

Playng with his cars and the rainbow tunnel
  It's not often he can play like this these days because C wants to play too; and her play usually means grabbing everything and shoving it in her mouth - much to Rye's distress.  So, it was lovely to see him playing like this.

We've had a lovely day, the sunshine set the tone.  First thing we walked down to the library for songs and afterwards popped into the Co-op for a few bits and then meandered back home.  The children played out in the garden for a while, only coming in when I reminded them there were sausage rolls for snacks.

Then lots of excited play indoors, jumping on the beanbag and rolling off together, running around and generally being noisy and boisterous.  I had erroneously thought the time out first thing and garden play would lead to quieter play indoors - alas, the sunshine simply fueled the kids, still, the sunshine also fueled up my patience quota; and if ya can't beat 'em, then join 'em lol. ;-)

And before I knew it, it was lunchtime, and then naptime for C.  Rye also fell asleep on the sofa, so I took advantage and gave the floor a good sweep - sausage roll pastry flakes were everywhere!  And then I sorted out the kitchen and made quick lasagne for tea;

Which simply is boiled penn pasta in the bottom, and then I sauted some leaks and courgettes in ghee with just pepper and salt; then added some left over plain tomatoe sauce I'd made at the end of last week, and some sweetcorn and peas and then bunged a all in one bechamel sauce over it all, simply flavoured with salt, pepper, lemon juice and thyme and then added some grated cheese on the top and popped in the oven at 180 for 25 mins to finish off.  NOM, NOM, NOM.  Served with a green salad and quick garlic bread, (thickly sliced loaf, one side toasted under the grill, otherside then smeared in garlicky butter, (I used unsalted butter, added 1/4 tsp of garlic powder, salt, pepper and a good pinch of dried thyme), and toasted under the grill until golden brown.  Lovely!

Once my charge had been picked up, I asked Rye what he'd like to do; and he said "Igsaws", First we played with the wooden ones, and then I decided to get the alphabet train jigsaw out; much to Rye's approval.  Very proud to discover he does know nearly all his letters - has a bit of trouble with "I" and "V", oh, and he sometimes mixes up "E" and "F".  Still, I just told him which letter came next and he found it and added it to the alphabet train;
Very gratifying because I was worrying slightly that I'm so occupied with my charge that I've not been spending much time with Rye practising letters and numbers etc, and the books I've been reading have been very simple, because they are ones that C chooses; and books that Rye isn't that interested in these days.
Mind, Rye has started sleeping in his own room; this is mummy initiated.  While I generally prefer to be led by Rye as much as possible, I was beginning to feel a little claustophobic, childminding 6 days a week + mummy "duties" and Rye often waking in the night to demand cuddles, was beginning to wear me out.
Ordered him a new bed - a sofa/bean bag bed; I'll get him a proper bed eventually,but I thought this would be more fun for now; and he does love it.  The sleeping in his own bedroom has meant a bedtime routine is beginning to develop.  Before, there was no real routine, Rye went to sleep whenever he conked out in my bed; sometimes that could be after 11pm, sometimes it would be earlier; and because the TV and DVD player in is my room he never wanted stories; just to watch a dvd, and being tired I succumbed.

Now he's in his own room there is the routine of him having a wash, cleaning his teeth, nighttime nappy on and pjs, then he jumps into his bed and snuggles under the duvet and I sit in the chair beside him and read a few stories.  He's really enjoying "Bringing down the Moon", at the moment, and has requested it every night so far.  Then kisses and cuddles and lights out.  At first I had to stay with him until he fell asleep; if I left before then he would cry and get really rather distressed.  I had just decided he wasn't ready for his own room; and would compromise by having his bed in my room, when last night, I left the room while he was still awake, not a murmur (I had been sat there for ages; but he kept tossing and turning, singing to himself etc, so I just got up and walked out), I was shocked, I expected him to begin yelling immediately; and if he had I'd already decided I'd just let him sleep in with me.  Tonight, he's had a bath, then went and jumped on his bed and snuggled under the duvet.  Read 3 stories, then lots of kisses and a request that he comes and wakes me up in the morning and then I said "night, night Rye, hope the Sandman brings beautiful dreams", and left. He did give a little whinge, so I stuck my head back in the door and told him I needed to pop downstairs to do the washing up and tidy round a bit; but when I go up to bed I would check in... and not a peep; and that was over an hour ago. 

And, going back to my concern that his "education" was suffering a little because of the childminding; nah, he demonstrated tonight the beauty of unschooling in action.  (Yeah, I know, I dislike the term, but it's easier to spell than automonous.. which I'm never sure if I have spelt correctly lol).  Plus in the bath he drew a face with the bath crayons :-)  I wanted to get a photo, but he'd washed if off before I could run downstairs and grab the camera. 

So nope, no concerns here.

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Fiona said...

Sounds like it is all going great and that Rye is a bright little cookie! Like you I am always astounded at how much they just seem to absorb rather than learn.
Oh and I want to come to your place for lunch - your food always sounds soooo yummy!