Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lovely Weekend.

Gosh, what a lovely weekend.
Rye spent Friday and most of Saturday at his dad's.  C, bless her, kept running outside into the garden, then back into the house, calling for Rye.  I think though, she enjoyed having my full attention. 
Saturday afternoon I spent preparing food for the bbq, having a bit of tidy up and clean and dragging the table and chairs from the shed etc.

And cleaning the ginormous kettle drum bbq.  It's been round a friend's house for, well, probably about 5 years now, and I have to say I was pleasantly suprised how easy it cleaned up as we just left it in her garden for all that time.  So easy to cook on, and plenty of space to have a griddle on there too, which is essential for the nut burgers I made, as its quite a delicate mix.

As normal, I over catered, but hey, better too much food than too little!  Had a lovely afternoon, it was so nice to have friends round, and Rye had a lovely time showing off and playing with the twins boys.
Charcoal face.  Rye really liked the jumbo pork sausages I bbq'd.  LOL the twins' faces were the same too.
Is there anything nicer than a garden full of friends and little ones?
I've always been pretty happy with my own company - but I have to say, lately I've been a LOT more sociable and actually, I'm loving having company and spending much more time with friends - and also seeing Rye glowing too.  He so loves it when we visit our friends or they visit us.  And tomorrow, we're going to a birthday party - Rye's first, down at the Coastal Park and then Tuesday we're going swimming and then back to Jason & Sarah's home, and Thursday we're going, well hopefully, to Brockhill Park with the HE group.

Have to say, I have more of a social life now than I ever did pre-Rye.  :-)


Crystalrainbow said...

looks like you had a great time xx yum

Luschka said...

Looks like a great day!

nocton4 said...

lovely photos, lots of fun xxx