Thursday, 22 April 2010

This week so far.

A thoroughly pleasant week.

Lots of time spent outdoor.  I always find my parenting is so much calmer and relaxed when we're out doors, and noise and boisteriousness that would frazzle me indoors, has me smiling indulgently outdoors and just loving watching my boy being free.
Why play in the sandpit when there's perfectly good dirt to play in, mother?
This is what happens when one moves the art supplies down a shelf and leaves a art mad 3yr old downstairs while taking minded child upstairs for a nap!  Supplies have been moved out of reach again... the glitter was everywhere, all over the table, chair and floor... I'll be sweeping up glitter for months lol.  Funnily enough my boy was no where to be found when I came downstairs.  I remained calm, cleaned up, gave Rye a stern look and received a very abashed look in return.

Encouraging Rye to hold a pen "properly".  Being a lefty, he tends to use the fist hold for pens, etc.
So I was pleased to see him holding the pen a bit better, with minimal instruction really.  He does tend to slip back into fist holding, but I reckon if I just keep correcting his hold, he'll get the idea pretty quickly.
Taking advantage of C having a nap to play with the rainbow tunnel and treeblocks, without a certain little lady knocking them over :-)
A beetle, no idea the species, but Rye was fascinated.  I confess I used a kitchen towel to gently capture this little fella and popped him on the broom out in the garden, he seemed a happy chappy on the flowers.  (Just had a look online, seems the fella is a Sheild Bug).
Yummy and super quick, pizza for tea.
And today has been very busy indeed.  Began with walking, (Rye on his balance bike), down to toddler group, then onto soft play, where I met up with the Home Ed lot to discuss places to go in the next few weeks, as we are now meeting outdoors at parks and what not more.  Once back home, some friend's popped around, including Sarah, Jason and the twins; and I snapped Rye giving Joshua rides in his tractor's trailer.
Issaac taking Rye for a ride :-)
I am so looking forward to the weekend too, the weather is going to turn much warmer, (southerly winds, instead of the chilly northly ones), and so I'm having a bbq on Sunday, and usefully, Rye is visiting his dad tomorrow coming home Saturday evening.  So once my charge goes home tomorrow lunchtime, I'll be able to get on in the afternoon with some baking and food prep for the bbq.

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lilac73 said...

E finds it easier to hold chunky pencils/pens or those triangular ones properly than the thin round ones, he's a lefty too.