Friday, 28 May 2010


Setting off in half hour for our adventure :-)

And a lovely Rye-ism... this morning I decided the occasion warranted a bit more effort, than Inormally bother with, so I'm wearing a touch of eye make up.... then I woke Rye up for his bath.. and was greeted with

"Mama, do you have black eyes?"

Sigh, thank you, darling.


LesleyA said...

Love it, love it!! Enjoy the weekend and I really will have to get Bella and me along to the next one xxx

nocton4 said...

happy weekend, enjoy

Liz said...


Lima said...

ROFL! Don't you just love them?

My own 'little' charmer (13 but with a condition that means he doesn't really 'get' tact) said to me on Friday:

"Mum, are you putting on make up to make yourself look pretty for your ID picture?"

"um yeah..." (trying not to poke eye out with mascara brush...)

"Oh right, well I wouldn't put on any lipstick cos your lips are all dry and patchy!"

Gee, thanks mate!