Saturday, 22 May 2010

Through the Keyhole #2 Corner Bookshelf.

Little snippets of around the home - inspired by Mon at Holistic Mama

This bookcase tends to house all my favourite non fiction books.  Bottom shelf there are my cookbooks, it is part of the middle shelf I've taken a photo of, housing various herbals, festivals, steiner, tarot, Blake, and parenting books - and, as you can just see, my printer and the freeform piece of crochet, which I haven't actually touched for a while now.  The top shelf is a mismash of bird, wild flowers, herbals, folklore, history, unschooling, parenting type books, along with various tarot decks dotted about.

Incidently, my favourite tarot deck is the Enchanted Tarot.  The artwork is beyond beautiful and the accompanying book is well written and includes little enchantments to be preformed for each card... I did a reading for a friend the other week and the crux of the matter was to let go and be more free, childlike... the enchantment.. play with children and blow bubbles :-)


arwen_tiw said...

Ooh I love to nosy at other people's books! :) Lovely selection.

LesleyA said...

I'm a huge Blake fan Jacqui!

Mon said...

i could read all that selection. and i love that there's crochet tucked in there too.
thanks for sharing this with us!

Lima said...

Hi there!

Lovely blog, I intend to come back and have a good read through later, hope thats' ok (have clicked follow so I dont lose you!)

Great to find another home edding childminder!!

Pop over and say hi if you have the time ;)

Joxy said...

Ohhh, hello Lima, welcome :-)

Wow, another home edding childminder! Fabulous.
And yes I will pop over shortly and have a nosey at your blog :-)


Joxy said...

Ohh Lesley, my love affair began when I was 16 and beginning my A-Level Art. My art teacher arranged at the british museum for me to go and love at some originals they had of Blake and Durer - apparently under 18's not usually allowed in. It was fabulous, I was so over awed I just stared.

I enjoy reading Blake's poems to Rye and I have a Blake set of Tarot cards, I don't use them, so I think I will put the cards in frames to display. Beautiful.

Lisa C said...

I'm curious about the festivals and celebrating books, and love the title 'Free to Learn.' What Mothers Do is a great book.

Anonymous said...

Love how carefree and homey your shelf is! I certainly need to add to my collection as far as herbs and herbal remedies. I would also love to learn more about tarot cards, which I know nothing about but find so intriguing!

Joxy said...

Most people start with a Rider Waite deck - but I think it is important to go and look at different decks and buy one that appeals to you. There is a lot of mumbo jumbo around tarot; you should hve your deck bought for you, must be kept in a black silk bag in a wooden box, has to be cleansed, can't read for yourself etc... do what feels right to you... and perhaps eventually you'll want to design and make your own pack.

I find too, that all is needed is to simply learn the general meaning of each suite (each are a story basically for a different area, for example, cups deal with the emotions), and then ditch the book and spend time meditating on each card and come up with your own meanings. The cards aren't mystical or psyic in their own right - they are symbols used to draw on your own intuition. As you use them you will become more intuned.

LesleyA said...

Jacqui I love The Book of Thel and Proverbs of Hell, and his art work just blows me away. Bella has done a beautiful orangey red sun for the season table backdrop and it's very Blakean! I studied him at length as part of my Lit degree, I was lucky enough to have a Blake mad mentor tutor. One day I would love to do some Blake research, a PhD even. If only I could have known the guy lol...and for us Home Edders of course The Schoolboy says it every time :~)