Wednesday, 30 June 2010

And more sunshine.

The weekend was skin crisping hot.  Rye initially refused clothes but came around more to my way of thinking as the day progressed and more and more of the garden was in full glare of the sun.

I am forever amazed how a wooden box filled with sand can provide endless enjoyment.  Rye plays in the sand pit most days... and often when C has gone down her nap, he will lay down in the pit and just play quietly with his cars. 

This garden is not my dream garden.  I am no gardener either, so no cottage gardeny visions for me.  I like wilderness and overgrowth, trees, shrubs and flowers.  I'd love a garden with a good balance between sunny and shade, that doesn't have the constant hum of the M20.. and has a bit of soul.  I did have plans for this garden but lack of funds the first year meant those plans were never realised and this year, when I do have a bit more cash - I'm conscious I may well move sometimes next year because I'm beginning to yearn for a bit more space, and a place where friends can visit without us all tripping over each other, and I never feel 100% at home in new builds.. I like a property with a bit of history.

Still, in the meantime the garden is providing a space for the children to enjoy... and at least I have wonderful spaces like the Rec Grounds, where we can go when my little subhurban garden starts to feels a little claustophobic:
with the lovely new wooden play equipment - and look, the swings are back :-)
And a handy tree right next to the swings and slides, providing lovely cooling shade:
This visit, the swings were favoured play thing and Rye is beginning to grasp how to swing himself - although of course it is much easier to yell at mama to push :-)
The rest of the week, so far, has been spent at home.  The heat hasn't encouraged me to move much further than the garden.   We went out for a walk today and by the time we got back the children were grumpy and exhausted and I was sweaty and grumpy too.  On the one hand it's lovely to have such sunny and bright days... and the other hand I am wishing for cooler weather because its so draining. 

Rye and I have been going to bed for a nap when C does, in the afternoon, if we don't, both of us can barely stay awake past 5:30 when C is picked up.   Which is fine, there's nothing stopping us from having a nap when C does - I just find it frustrating as I don't really like sleeping during the day and besides, I want to finish that flipping dress - this week I've managed, so far, a row and half!  I fully expected to have it finished by Sunday.. and there's such a piddling amount left to do too.  A few hours that's all I need, but when I have picked it up I've found my eyes growing heavier and heavier and loosing track of stitches.   Like I say though, there's not much left to do, so I will have it finished by the end of the weekend - somewhat fortitiously, Rye's father has decided he will not come to Rye's b'day party tomorrow and instead, will come down on Friday to pick up Rye and have him until Saturday evening, which should give me the time I need to get on and finish the dress.  Rather perversely, I 've started enjoying doing it and I am really looking forward to seeing it finished, the stripes work lovely and it is going to be a very pretty dress.

Anyhoos, time for bed.  Need to be up very early in the morning to finish off bits for the party tomorrow and decorate the brownies :-)


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