Thursday, 1 July 2010

3 and half B'day Party.

Rye's first b'day party was a great success, he had a wonderful time.  Although, he did seem to think he was being shouted at or something when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  He flounced off and sat on the sand looking very grumpy - immediately cheered up when he was told he could come and blow the candles out, though. :-D
The brownie cake - the topping consists of chopped up fingers of fudges, milk chocolate chunks and white milk buttons (non nestle).. on top of a milk chocolate ganache.  This was rich - a bit too rich most of the kids couldnt eat all their slice.. my charge tho, had seocnds and ate most of the topping of the cake left over, lol.  It is very squidgy in the middle, so I've popped it int he freezer to firm up and we'll have it with icecream at some point.
Soon as we arrive this little fella popped over to have a nosey.
Not quite sure what's going on here, as we sang to him.  He flounced off at one point - I think, he thought we were shouting at him?
And then come about 2ish, everyone started to leave.  I stayed with Rye a little longer and then we slowly meandered through the park to catch the bus home.
Tide was in, and ohhh, the sea did look inviting.
Rye announced he wanted carrying and was tired.  I had neither a sling or the buggy with me, so I decided to treat us both to a ride in a taxi.. I'm glad I did, it was nice to get straight home for once.
A good day :-)  My little lad spark out.

And you know what I completely forgot to build the Treeblock house for him, which I'd initially planned to give him.  So, as he's going to his dad's tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday evening - I've decided I'll build it while he's away and then he'll have another lovely suprise to look forward.   He also has no idea his dad is coming tomorrow - so that will be lovely for him too :-)


Ashleigh said...

Awww, looks like a great day was had! And I think the idea of building the house for him whilst he's not there is a great surprise!

Mel said...

LOL - I LOVE the tipped-over-on-the-couch photos...we have more than a few of those...they just seem to encapsulate the sheer exhaustion from vast amounts of fun.

That cake had me dribbling...yum!

Happy Birthday, Rye!! ;)

LesleyA said...

That cake looks fab! Happy half birthday Rye X