Sunday, 20 June 2010

Super Sunday.

The day began with me feeling a little frustrated at Rye's noise and boisteriousness.  Remedy - take the boy to the park!
And naturally, one needs to try and take the bike UP the slide...
Drat, won't go any further..
Ah well, round we go then.

There were some young boys there too - 10 maybe 11?  They were very taken with Rye's bike and kept commenting how "sweet" Rye was.  He enjoyed chasing the boys on his bike, and being chased.  He was rather sad when they left.
Some other boys turned up, a little older and a bit rowdier - beautiful manners though.  One swore, and another told him to stop swearing in front of the little kid, (Rye), and then came over and apologised to me.  Bless.  Still, I decided to let the lads enjoy the park without having to mind their p&q's for Rye and me, so I walked around the estate with Rye free cycling delightedly.

The park had the desired effect and on arrival home, Rye was much calmer and I decided to honour his request to paint.  We spent a lovely 45 minutes playing with the plant based watercolours, very impressed with the depth of the hue.
Rysing Sun  - sorry couldn't resist :-)
A very basic wet on wet painting.  Water colour paper is best for this, but Rye enjoyed watching how the paint bled across the sheet, eventually he did just end up with mud coloured mess - but what the eck, he had fun.
And all that fun was tiring :-)  While Rye napped I decided to have a clear out of the fridge and see what needed using, throwing etc.  I ended up making red cabbage coleslaw, guacamole, jersey royal potatoe salad (herbs and good extra virgin oil).  Then this evening for tea we had all the above accompanied with dry fried halloumi and artisan flatbread.  Oh my gosh, it was lovely.  Sorry no photos of tea, we were too busy stuffing our faces :-)

I've really enjoyed having the entire day with Rye, we've had a lot of fun and soul satisfying to spend the day being simply a parent, rather than a parent and a childminder. 

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September said...

Wow, what a great day - Rye looks like he had the BEST time at the playground, and i love his Rysing sun (very funny btw lol)